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We have searched high and low to find the very cheapest deals on Warrior Rage Reborn 320g Preworkout from Warrior supplements. Check out the Warrior Rage deals below gathered with our price comparison tool. Warrior Rage Reborn is a new version of the famous Warrior Rage but minus the DMAA that was banned recently and has been reformulated to create a new Buzz that powers you through your workout.

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Warrior Rage Pre Workout Review:

Hi everyone today I shall be doing a review of pre-workout supplement which will help to fire you up before and during your workout.  The supplement is called “Warrior Rage”.

There are some strong claims in the description of this product, the packaging states: “Rage. It starts as a lump in your throat, and builds into a frenzy of intense anger. Fight or Flight. Live or die. Lift or get left behind.”

It’ll be interesting to see if this supplement lives up to that hype! Although I suspect that it is a little exaggerated, but it does tie in nicely with the name of the product.

First impressions, it’s an average sized tub of pre-workout in black. Looking at the label, I imagine it as something one of the Spartacus warriors would be using before going into a final battle. The packaging definitely lives up to the name.

It’s available in two flavours, Lightening Lemonade and Blazing Berry.  I have the Blazing Berry flavour.

The tub contains 392g and a scoop is included. This equates to 45 servings of 8.7grams which is 1 and a half scoops and this is the recommended serving size. 45 servings is generous for a pre-workout.

Let’s take a look at the most important part of a pre-workout product, and that is, the ingredients and nutritional values.  It is a proprietary blend like the other big brand name pre-workouts; this means that we don’t know the exact values of the ingredients. It therefore comes down to trust; do you trust the brand which you are using? From what I’ve seen so far of Warrior, they are a very reputable brand I would trust their word. The proprietary blend also stops copycat supplements being released, which is a plus.

This is what’s included:

–          8:1:1 instantised branch chain amino acids

–          Vitamin C

–          Beta Alanine

–          Creatine Gluconate

–          Sodium Bicarbonate

–          AAKG

–          Citrulline Malate

–          Taurine

–          300mg of caffeine

–          Vitamin B6

The 8:1:1 BCAAs will help with recovery, endurance and performance. The larger ratio if Leucine will give extra recovery benefits.  The vitamin C is included to bring cortisol levels down. The Beta Alanine will aid endurance – it’s a very popular pre-workout ingredient and for good reason – it works. Creatine Gluconate is creatine which is bound to glucose, which means it is very rapidly taken into the system.  Sodium Bicarb helps to buffer lactic acid.  AAKG, Citrulline Malate and Taurine will help to give you an awesome pump and increase drive, with the 300mg caffeine included; you will be bouncing with energy. Vitamin b6 naturally boosts energy levels. All in all, these are very good ingredients for a pre-workout indeed.

I mixed 1 and a half scoops with 250ml of water, as advised. It mixed easily. The taste was great. I’m usually sceptical of berry flavours as I can find them to be sour, and I don’t like sour tastes. However, this wasn’t sour at all, it was a refreshing, light, berry flavour which was very easily drinkable. Obviously taste is a personal preference, so you would need to try some out for yourself.

I took it 20 minutes before my workout. As I got into the gym, I was starting to feel its effects. Extra energy, and a drive to get onto the weights. I lifted heavy and rest periods were a little shorter. I also attained and held a great pump. I didn’t have a come down in the hours following the workout which is a big plus.

The tub costs around 19.99 which is 45p a serving. If we compare this to other pre-workout supplements:

–          BSN No Xplode is 68p per serving

–          Grenade 50cal is 72p per serving

–          MusclePharm Assault is 86p per serving

–          Gaspari Superpump is 67p per serving

Therefore, it is very good value and beats the leading brands quite substantially on price.

Warrior Rage is an excellent pre-workout with some top quality ingredients. BCAAs, creatine gluconate, beta alanine, AAKG, citruline malate, caffeine, and the rest, will help to give you an awesome workout with top recovery benefits. Rage is available in two flavours which should suit your tastes. The Blazing Berry flavour is spot on and it mixed easily. I had a great workout, specifically with regards to endurance and pump. At £26.99 for 45 servings, you really can’t go wrong. It’s at the bottom end of the scale for price and the top end of the scale for ingredients and value for money. I would rate Warrior Rage a 5 out of 5 stars. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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