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Get cheap Xédra-Cut Hardcore here using our sports supplement price comparison tool. Xédra-Cut Hardcore is USN’s hardcore fat burner, helping your shred fat and get focus and energy. Packed with caffeine, green tea and bitter orange among other fat burning ingredients, Xédra-Cut Hardcore is the ultimate hardcore fat burner.

USN Xedra Cut Hardcore seems to have been discontinued and they have renamed the product USN PHEDRACUT X Fat.

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USN Xedra Cut Hardcore 120 Caps Fat Burner Caffeine Chromium Vitamin B6 Zinc

USN Xedra Cut Hardcore is one of the best selling fat burners by the brand USN. The current Xedra Cut rnage has the following ingredients.

Xedra Cut uses Green tea extract which is a well known and well proven fat burner as well as a number of other fat burner ingredients.

Xedra Cut Ingredients:

As mentioned before Xedra Cut has green tea extract the well known weight loss ingredients. Capsicum which is cayenne pepper which works by increasing the heat of the body and in doing so burns up calories.

Xedra Cut has Yerba Mate which is a well used tea used for its energy giving properties and speeds up metabolism helping burn off the calories.

Xedra Cut has the grapefruit extract that helps to increase the potency of the other ingredients. Cocoa extract has a similar action to caffeine in the form of Theobromine extract, which helps to speed up the metabolism and works hand in hand with the other ingredients.

Ginger has a similar action to the capsicum extract as it heats the body up and has some key fat burning phytochemicals.

Bioperine is an extract of pepper along with peppermint oil helps the body absorb the ingredients in USN Xedra Cut.

USN Xedra All blended together makes for an amazing fat burner.

Serving Size: 3 Liquid Xedra Cut Capsules
Servings Per Container: 40

Amount Per Xedra Cut  Serving

Lipid – Burn Factor – Citrus Aurantium, Natural Caffeine, Capsicum Annuum L. Fruit Extract, Yerba Mate (4:1 extract). 480mg per serving.

Multi-Mechanism Blend – Green Tea Extract, Cocoa (10% Theobromine extract), Ginger (12% Gingerol extract). 240mh per serving.

Gluco-plus Blend – Grapefruit Seed (45% Flavanoid extract), Taurine, Guggul Gum Extract. 180mg per serving.

Pro-Absorb and Digestion Blend – Peppermint essential oil, Bioperine (95% Piperine Extract). 98mg per serving.

Other Ingredicants (Not listed under Supplement facts)
Vegetable oil, Gelatin, Soybean lecithin (E322), Water, Maltodextrin, Glycerol monostearate (E471), Silicon Dioxide.

Cheap USN Xédra-Cut Hardcore Deals

Xedra Cut Reviews

We have looked at a number of reviews for USN Xedra Cut and have come up with some good and bad feedback for them. On the whole the reviews are positive:

USN Xedra Cut Postives Reviews

Great for hunger pangs, helps you drive through hunger.

Great it worked lst 4lbs in one week.

I feel really energized from them, weight seems to be coming off.

USN Xedra Cut Negative Remarks

You need to drink a lot of water or you can get kidney pains.

You need to watch your other caffeine intake when taking Xedra Cut as you can have to much caffeine.

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