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Treadmills need not be expensive and are by far one of the best pieces of home gym equipment for your cardio and weight-loss needs.

Find a cheap treadmill that will fit your home gym area.

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Walking and running are the most natural forms of exercise, and with a treadmill you can do both in the comfort and safety of your home. They’re ideal if you have a family, since people of all ages can use them. If your fitness goals include general fitness, weight loss, or building up stamina.

Increase everyday fitness

A few half-hour sessions on a treadmill will improve your aerobic fitness – the basic conditioning that lets you walk or run without getting out of breath. Better aerobic fitness means more energy and enthusiasm for everyday life.

How to Buy a Cheap Treadmill

Treadmills can be a great tool for staying in shape, and if you have the money available, it is possible to buy a cheap treadmill from many different sources. If you are trying to buy a cheap treadmill for your home, there are several things that you need to know.

Even though you have an idea what kind of exercise you would like to do on your treadmill, buying a treadmill can be confusing. Even when you narrow down the choices and try to decide from best seller treadmills, the best cheap treadmills, or top rated treadmills, it may still be difficult to find the right one for your needs. With a few simple tips and tricks in mind, it is quite easy to make an informed decision.

Types of Cheap Treadmills

Cheap treadmills come in many shapes and varieties. In this post I will review the different types of cheap treadmills available and make some recommendations on which ones to purchase.

If one is searching for cheap treadmills, they should know what kinds are available in the market. It can be easy to get lazy and just search for the first treadmill you see, that’s not enough though. There are some things to think about before deciding on a treadmill.

The best cheap treadmills for home use are designed to give you a good workout and require very little space.

Improve your stamina with a treadmill

Lose weight
Treadmills offer an effective way to burn calories without stressing your body. You can set the ‘pace’ of the treadmill to a slow walk or fast run – and simulate hills to make it harder. A long, gentle jog or fast walk is an excellent method for losing weight, especially if you do it regularly.

A treadmill will make your heart stronger, meaning you’ll be able to walk or run for longer distances without stopping. The ability to keep going is useful for both life and work!

So now you know your treadmills, let’s find out what features you should look for: Features to look for in a treadmill:

There are two main types of treadmill: manual and motorised ( or electric). Manual treadmills need to be ‘pushed’ by your feet, and are quite basic. Motorised treadmills offer you more: inclines (where it tilts to simulate hills), programmes to simulate different terrain and conditions, and heart monitors to tell you how fast your heart is beating. Here’s a brief guide to the parts of a treadmill.

Defining the parts of the treadmill

Grip sensor. Many treadmills have tubular ‘grips’ that sense your heart rate. This is useful for checking you’re within the most effective training zone of 70-80% of your maximum heart rate.

The belt is the moving area you run on. The bigger a treadmill’s surface area, the easier it is to run fast. But watch out for the size of the room you intend to put your treadmill in.

Many treadmills offer an inclined belt to simulate hills. The greater this incline, the harder your workout will be. On a motorised treadmill, different programmes may give you different inclines over a workout session.

The grips are there for safety in case you miss your footing, and often include a heart rate monitor – you grab the grips and it tells you your heart rate.

The programmes on a treadmill give you a planned workout based on total distance you want to reach or total time you want to work out for. Different programmes may include varying speeds or inclines to stop you getting bored! Example programmes include: 5km lake loop, 400m track laps, mountain pass, rolling hills, speed builder.

What’s on the treadmill display?

The display is an LCD digital readout giving you useful information – your running speed, total distance traveled, time and so on. The console controls, usually surrounding the display, let you switch the display to the numbers you’re most interested in and enter or change the programme.

SpeedThe speed the track’s moving at – in other words, your running speed!
TimeThe time since your workout started, or your time per lap.
CaloriesEstimated amount of calories you’ve burnt off since starting.
DistanceTotal distance travelled or distance left to go on a programme.
Pulse/heartrateYour current heart rate, measured through hand grips,a chest strap, or earlobe clip.
MotivationEncouraging messages displayed to keep you going strong.
ElevationEstimated ‘height’ you’ve reached after running up an inclined track.
InclineThe angle the track’s sloping upwards at (0 if flat).

A note on speed on a treadmill

All treadmills have a maximum speed. If you’re starting out, a machine that goes up to 12 kilometres an hour (about 7.5 miles an hour) will be fine. If you’re fit, try for one that can take you to 14 or 16kph, and if you’re training for actual events, you might even want 18kph (the speed of a champion marathon runner!)

All treadmills are different, so check you know which features to look for. With that done, let’s choose your machine: Choosing the treadmill that’s right for you:

making the right decision on a cheap treadmill

Now you’re armed with the right information, it’s time to make a shortlist. Here are the questions you should ask yourself before you buy.

What are my fitness goals?

Decide what you want from your decision to get fit. Are you looking to lose weight, or feel healthier, or become a fast runner? Be warned, though: running can be addictive, and plenty of people start out intending to complete one 5km fun run and end up finishing a full marathon the next year! What different treadmills will do

Lose weightAny treadmill capable of taking your body weight
Get fitAny treadmill, but a heart rate monitor will help you train
Become strongerMotorised treadmill with inclines to build strength and endurance
Become fasterMotorised treadmill with programmes and heart rate
Have funMotorised treadmill with inclines and programmes
Train for an eventMotorised treadmill with high maximum speed

Will it fit my home?

Treadmills take up a lot of space. In general, allow at least the same space you’d allow for a single bed, with half a metre or so on each side to make sure your elbows aren’t hitting the walls when you run!

What are the costs for a treadmill?

Simple manual treadmills are great value and don’t take nup much space (many also pack down flat if you need to move them.) If you want to train seriously and become fitter rather than just burn a few calories now and again, try to afford a motorised treadmill with programmes – there are some excellent machines available for well under four figures.

What else do I need?

A treadmill on its own is a very useful piece of equipment. But it won’t exercise your upper body or back muscles much. If you’re not buying any other piece of equipment, add some press-ups and sit-ups to your exercise routine to round out your workout.

There’s a huge variety of great treadmills on the market- but the one you choose needs to fit your healthy lifestyle, too. Now you’re equipped with information, head for home gym equipment here

Using the Treadmill Comparison Table

Sometimes you want to see features side-by-side. It’s easy! When you view any range of treadmills – by type, brand, or other criteria – you’ll see a ‘Compare products/Go’ link on the right, with a tickbox for each piece of equipment.

Tick the treadmills you’re interested in, and hit Go – you’ll be shown a handy table comparing all their main features, making it easier to choose. Why not try it right now?

Treadmill terms explained

Like all health and fitness equipment, treadmills use some terms you might not be familiar with. Here’s a list of the most common ones.

Belt short for conveyor belt, the ‘track’ of the treadmill
Consolethe controls on the front panel of the treadmill
Displaythe digital readout on the front panel of the treadmill
Framethe structure, usually metal tubes, that all the moving parts of the treadmill attach to
Heart monitora sensor that takes your pulse and displays it for you
Inclinethe ‘tilt’ of the conveyor belt surface, making it seem as if you’re running uphill
Manuala treadmill you operate by pushing the conveyor belt with your feet. Some manual treadmills contain magnets to make it move more smoothly
Motoriseda treadmill containing electric motors that move and tilt the track for you as you walk or run
Programmesthe various choices of workout on a motorised treadmill, such as 400m Track or 5km Lake Loop
SurfaceThe top side of the conveyor, i.e the part you run or walk on
Trackanother word for conveyor belt or belt

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