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Get a cheap rowing machine to boost your fitness and burn extra calories. We have found the best rowing machine deals to get you in shape for less. A good rowing machine is a great all round piece of fitness equipment. Getting a good cheap rowing machine is hard as getting the best deal is key, that is why we have done the searching for you.

See the cheap rowing machine deals here:

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cheap rowing machine deals

The brands of cheap rowing machines we price compare here:

The York r101 rowing machine.

The v fit air rowing machine.

The oxbridge rowing machine and many many more. We have found the best rowing machine deals so you don’t have to keep looking. Rowing machines can be expensive but with our supplement price comparison tool we have found you the best cheap rowing machine tools on the UK market.

The best brands of rowing machines are all available online and we have sorted through all of those to get you the best deals on rowing machines.

Rowing machines or ‘rowers’ are designed to simulate the action of rowing a boat, and they’re one of the best fat-burning and body-building workouts you can have. Best of all, you do it sitting down – so rowing machine exercise doesn’t put stress on your hip, knee, and ankle joints.

Firm up flabby areas with a cheap rowing machine

Rowing on a rowing machine is a tough workout. The constant stretching and pulling is great for firming up your stomach and backside as well as toning your limbs. You may not lose weight, but your body shape will change for the better.

Build up strength with a cheap rowing machine
A vigorous row can be a huge strength-booster. Rowing hard at high resistance will increase muscle and shoulder size, making you broader and more physically imposing.

Cheap rowing machines help maintain supple limbs

When using a rowing machine you row in long, sweeping movements, which is great for maintaining flexibility. Make sure you warm up and warm down properly, though, and don’t over-extend yourself when rowing – this can lead to ‘hyperextension’, or muscle strains.

So now you know your rowing machines, let’s find out what features you should look for: Features to look for in a rowing machine:

Indoor rowing machines create resistance to your movements to give you a good workout, and most rowing machines let you increase and decrease the level of resistance. If you want your rowing to simulate rowing on water, choose a magnetic rowing machine – they give you a smooth action that reminds you of rowing across real water. Air (or hydraulicrowing machines are less realistic but offer excellent value for money.

The parts of a rowing machine are easy to understand. Here’s a quick guide to what the jargon means…

Defining the parts of the cheap rowing machine

As usual, there are a few terms in rowing machine fitness you might not understand. Here’s what the jargon means…

Bar or handleThe bar or handle is the part you grip and pull back on to create the rowing movement. It’s attached to the rower by a cable.
Flywheelflywheel creates resistance inside the machine. As you push and pull it creates momentum so you can build up pace smoothly (and slow smoothly, too).
Pulse/heart rate monitorpulse/heart rate monitor detects your pulse, usually through touching the grips, so you can see how hard your heart’s working! Remember, the most effective heart rate for you is about 70-80% of your maximum heart rate.
Saddle or seatThe saddle or seat is where you sit down, facing forward. The seat moves backwards as you ‘pull’ the bars towards you, making it feel as if you’re moving across the water, then slides forward again as you release.
ScullingSculling rowing machines use a swinging lever (or two) rather than a bar and cable. They’re easier to get the hang of, but less interesting to use!
Strokestroke is one complete rowing movement, involving a pull on the bars or levers plus the release, where they move away from you ready for the next pull. Rowing performance is often measured in strokes per minute.

What’s on the cheap rowing machine display?

Many rowing machines have an LCD digital readout giving you useful information – your stroke rate, total distance rowed, time and so on. The console controls, usually surrounding the display, let you switch the display to the numbers you’re most interested in and enter or change the programme.

Stroke rateThe number of strokes you’re rowing at per minute
SpeedThe speed you’d be moving at if you were putting in the same effort on a real rowing boat
TimeThe time since your workout started, or your time per distance set, or your target time – most machines give you a choice
CaloriesEstimated amount of calories you’ve burnt off since starting
DistanceTotal distance travelled or distance left to go on a programme
Pulse/heartrateYour current heartrate, measured through hand grips, a chest strap, or earlobe clip

Programmes/progs of the cheap rowing machine

Programmes give you a planned rowing workout based on distance, time, or stroke rate. Rowing machines tend to have fewer programmes than treadmills or exercise bikes – no hills on water! – but there’s still plenty of variety to enjoy by changing resistance and your stroke rate over a workout.

A note on rowing position of a cheap rowing machine

A good rowing position is very important, both for a comfortable workout and to avoid injury. Look for adjustable positions, including the distance the seat and bars move during a stroke – known as the ‘throw’.

When you’re sitting on the rowing machine’s seat, make sure your legs ‘brace’ your body when you lean forward – this means you can pull the bar back using your legs as well as your upper body. (Using the upper body alone is risky, since you’re putting extra strain on your back.)

When the bar is pulled all the way back, your legs should still be slightly bent and your back shouldn’t feel overstretched – this is called ‘hyperextension’ and it risks injury. Likewise, when you release the bar (this means allow it to retract while still holding it – don’t just let it go!) you shouldn’t have to strain forward before you start the next stroke.

All rowing machines are different, so check you know which features to look for. With that done, let’s choose your machine: Choosing the right rowing machine:

Now you’re armed with the right information about rowing machines, it’s time to make a shortlist. Here are the questions you should ask yourself before you buy.

Cheap rowing machines help fitness goals?

Decide what you want from your decision to buy a rowing machine. Are you looking to lose weight, or feel healthier, or keep up with your ‘real’ rowing hobby during cold and wet winter months?

What different rowing machines will do

Lose weightA low-cost rowing machine with light resistance will get you sweating away those calories
Become strongerA rowing machine with a range of resistance settings will give you the tough strokes to build muscle
Become fasterA rowing machine with light resistance but a variety of programmes to maximise your aerobic fitness
Have funAny rowing machine with a cable pull rather than a fixed swing adds an element of skill to your workout, increasing enjoyment as you improve
Train for an eventA rowing machine with a range of resistance and programmes to give you an all-round workout

Will the rowing machine it fit my home?

Rowing machines are surprisingly compact, because many are light in weight – you can lean them against a wall or inside a cupboard when not in use. Some are designed to fold too, making them even smaller. So any home’s got room for a rowing machine – or even two, so the family can train together.

What are the costs of the rowing machine?

Basic folding rowing machines are great value, and will give you a safe, fat-burning workout – at very low cost. But to add interest to your workout, look at models with a range of resistance and programmes that can vary your routine and build steady fitness over time – they’ll cost less than twice as much.

Don’t I need to be fit to start with a cheap rowing machine?

No! It’s true professional rowers are among the fittest of athletes, but rowing machines are designed to offer you a gentle start, with low-impact, low-resistance strokes you can increase at your own pace. And because you row sitting down, it’s not as painful as running if you’re a bit out of condition.

What else do I need?

A rowing machine as part of a healthy lifestyle will keep your heart healthy and your back strong. But it’s less effective on your lower legs. So if you’re not buying any other piece of equipment, add some running, walking, or skipping to your exercise routine to keep your calves and ankles fresh.

There’s a huge variety of rowing machines on the market – but the one you choose needs to fit your healthy lifestyle, too. Now you’re equipped with information, head for rowing machines here

Using the Cheap Rowing Machine Comparison Table

Sometimes you want to see features side-by-side. It’s easy! When you view any range of rowing machines – by type, brand, or other criteria – you’ll see a ‘Compare products/Go’ link on the right, with a tickbox for each piece of equipment.

Tick the rowing machines you’re interested in, and hit Go –
you’ll be shown a handy table comparing all their main features, making it easier to choose. Why not try it right now?

Rowing machine terms explained

Like all health and fitness equipment, rowing machines use some terms you might not be familiar with. Here’s a list of the most common ones.

BarThe handle you pull while rowing
ConsoleThe controls on the front panel of the rowing machine
CableThe ‘string’ connecting the bar to the machine’s frame
DisplayThe digital readout on the front panel of the rowing machine
FrameThe structure, usually metal tubes, that all the moving parts of the rowing machine attach to
Heart monitorA sensor that takes your pulse and displays it for you
ProgrammesThe various choices of workout on a rowing machine, such as Training Row, Coxed Workout, and Timed Tempo
Saddle/seatWhere you sit. On most rowing machines, it moves forwards and backwards as you row
StrokeOne complete pull and release of the rowing bar
TempoThe ‘beat’ of your strokes, for example 20 strokes/minute. Some machines let you set the tempo you’re aiming for and sound a regular ‘beep’ to keep pace with

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