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Chin Up Bars

Doorway chinning bars remove from the doorway when you are not using them and can be put up and taken down in seconds.

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Chin-ups are a great upper body workout, particularly targeting your biceps, deltoids and shoulders.

Both the Everlast and Century chinning bars have 4 mounting cups allowing an additional lower mounting position so you can use the bar to hold your legs down during sit-ups or as your grasp handles for push ups.

How does it work?
The Easy Chin up bar is a certified invention that uses a cantilever design with two rubber fulcrums that hold the bar and protect your wood. Apply your weight to this doorway chin up bar and it securely holds in place(no slippage or movement even at 340 lbs!). Take the weight off the chin up bar and lift, it instantly disengages.

Chin up bar attaches or detaches in seconds!

Doorway sizes:
Order your Easy Chin up bar to fit your doorway. Find a doorway that has trim, door stop & door installed (usually a bedroom or bathroom doorway will work). Check to see if you have a suitable doorway. Click here for measurement check! We now have in stock Easy Chin up bars to fit a 28″, 30″, and 32″ doorways. Phone toll-free at 1-877-608-3279 and speak to Ed or Brenda. Please check the setup page before phoning.

Hand crafted in our own facility from one inch round heavy gauge steel tubing. Metal parts are press fitted and mig welded. A powder coat finish is applied in mirror black.
Click here for a short video of the Easy Chin up bar.

The Easy Chin up and Easy Dip bars have been tested with 340lbs.

Chin up Bar & More:
3 Chin up bars in one: wide, medium and narrow chin ups at top and horizontal chin ups at half way or push ups at bottom position! Visit Chin up exercise page.

Exercises for Easy Chin up bar:
Build a wide ‘V’ tapered back with wide grip chin ups. Work your middle back, arms and shoulders with medium and narrow grip chin ups. Flatten your stomach with hanging knee-ups or etch six pack abs with hanging leg raises! A great upper body workout! Visit our exercises page for complete beginner, intermediate, advanced exercise descriptions, routines and logs. You can download these.

Easy Chin up bar Design:
Angled design for maximum development of the upper back, shoulders and arms. The Easy Chin up bar is the only doorway chin up bar that provides a 42″ wide grip on a 30 inch doorway. This is a natural grip for the best abdominal exercise, the hanging leg raise. Parallel and narrow grip chin ups are also possible to work your muscles from a variety of angles.

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