Cheap Protein Ice Cream Mix Deals

Get the best cheap protein ice cream deals using our supplement price comparison tools. You use protein ice cream mix to blend in water or milk and freeze to make a delicious protein ice cream to get your protein while having a treat dessert. Ideal for summer gains and dessert replacement, protein ice cream mix is perfect for post workout ice creams.

Protein Ice Cream Mix deals here:

Homemade Protein Ice Cream Blend

We list the range of powders to make home protein ice cream. Have the high protein dessert at home by making your own protein ice cream at home. All you need is a protein ice cream mix powder, a bowl, some milk and a freezer and you can have the high protein ice cream. Whey Hey is a protein ice cream company in the UK, buy you can only get small tubs for a large price. Also you need to be close to somewhere that sells wheyhey protein ice cream.

Protein Ice Cream Flavours:

There are a number of flavours of protein ice cream mixs available on the internet. There is vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and mint choc chip flavour ice cream protein mix. You can mix the protein ice cream mix with milk or cream and put it into a tub and two to three hours later you have a delicious protein ice cream, low carb and high protein.

Cheap whey protein ice cream mix deals

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