Cheap Protein Ice Cream Mix Deals

Get the best cheap protein ice cream mix deals using our supplement price comparison tools. You use protein ice cream mix to blend in water or milk and freeze to make a delicious protein ice cream to get your protein while having a treat dessert. Ideal for summer gains and dessert replacement, protein ice cream mix is perfect for post workout ice creams, most protein ice creams use cheap whey protein as the base.

Protein Ice Cream Mix deals here:

Protein Ice Cream Mix powder

We list the range of powders to make home protein ice cream. Have the high protein dessert at home by making your own protein ice cream at home. All you need is a protein ice cream mix powder, a bowl, some milk and a freezer and you can have the high protein ice cream. Whey Hey is a protein ice cream company in the UK, buy you can only get small tubs for a large price. Also you need to be close to somewhere that sells wheyhey protein ice cream.

Protein Ice Cream Mix Powder UK
Protein Ice Cream Mix Powder UK

Surprised to know that there is a protein ice cream mix powder? Really? Why would you be surprised by this? Well, firstly, the fact that protein ice cream mix powder exists should give you great pause. That’s the first thing anyone needs to understand about any type of protein powder. But it’s not just for people trying to lose weight because I think everyone who looks at ice cream should have an option for being able to enjoy it without being deprived of their favorite treat.

This cheap protein ice cream mix powder will enable you to have the creamy, sweet, ice-cold ice cream taste you crave without the calories. This is a high quality protein powder which contains nutritious ingredients. You can enjoy this protein ice cream with or without any other desert items. It will help increase your protein intake which helps you start your day off on the right foot.

I bet you’ve been making your own protein ice cream mix for a while now. Heck I’ve been making it for over a year now, and I still don’t know the exact recipe. On top of that, there are other brands out there that include different ingredients, using different processes and even different types of nuts and seeds to create your own homemade protein ice cream mix. I present to you: Protein Ice Cream Mix Powder.

Protein Ice Cream Mix Deals
Protein Ice Cream Mix Deals

Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix

Whey Protein Ice-Cream is a great way to cool down this Summer as it is packed full of tasty nutrients that will keep your body feeling cool and refreshed throughout the day. Not only that, it is loaded with a variety of different nutrients to give you a great energy boost to help you get through all those long, hot Summer days. If you’re looking for a dessert that not only tastes delicious but also contains a range of ingredients guaranteed to give your body a boost, then you need look no further than a tub of our Whey protein ice cream!

There’s something about ice cream that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Maybe it’s the way the cool and creamy texture caresses your tongue as it slowly melts, or maybe it’s the tantalising combination of flavours which tickle your taste buds. Whatever the reason, frozen desserts have always been a popular treat, particularly during warmer months when you need a little respite from the heat. For those following a ‘healthier’ diet however, traditional recipes can leave something to be desired. Luckily for those who want to enjoy dessert without feeling guilty, we have just the thing – our whey protein ice cream mixes.

Strawberry Protein Icecream Mix
Strawberry Protein Icecream Mix

Chocolate Peanut Butter was my flavour of choice for this one, but I couldn’t choose between Chocolate Mint, Strawberries & Cream or Tropical Colada – each with their own distinctive fruity scent. I chose the Chocolate flavoured whey protein for this recipe, but if you like Strawberry Whey, then you’ll find our Strawberry Cheesecake Ice-Cream Mix delicious!

No matter what flavour you choose to create, each and every one of our Whey protein ice-cream mixes are packed full of nutritional goodness. If you’re looking for something that suits your tastes then just chose your favourite colour and serve it straight away or even create amazing combinations with all colours.

We have a wide range of designs to suit every taste in the UK, and we’ll even ship our valued clients across the world for a taste of our delicious treats. You can choose from a selection of flavours made with Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC), Milk Protein Isolate (MPI) and the Cheapest Whey protein concentrate (WPC). And when it comes to sprinkles, you really can’t go wrong with any of our stunning flavours.

Protein Ice Cream Mix Flavours:

There are a number of flavours of protein ice cream mixes available on the internet. There is vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and mint choc chip flavour ice cream protein mix. You can mix the protein ice cream mix with milk or cream and put it into a tub and two to three hours later you have a delicious protein ice cream, low carb and high protein.

These mixes are great to help you lose weight, maintain your weight or bulk up. They are very easy to make and convenient. There are many flavours of these protein ice cream mixes that are combined with healthy benefits, for example the vanilla flavour is packed with great health benefits such as vitamin B12 which is an energy food. It helps to boost your energy, relieve exhaustion and depression. The mint choc chip flavour is good because it contains magnesium which helps to maintain a healthy metabolism, reduces muscle aches and pains, calcium which helps to maintain strong bones and nails also helps to boost your energy levels.

Cheap Protein Ice Cream Mix
Cheap Protein Ice Cream Mix

I personally love the taste of these protein ice cream mixes. My favourite is the mint choc chip flavour. I am not using it as an alternative to my daily diet but rather as a diet supplement.

Protein ice creams mix are also very useful when you are in a hurry. You take the tub in the freezer for two to three hours and then you have a protein ice cream. Protein ice cream mix is healthy and it can satisfy your cravings for sweets.

The protein ice cream mix is flavoured with natural vanilla flavour, strawberry flavour, chocolate flavour and mint choc chip flavour. There are no artificial ingredients, preservatives or milk soya nuts in this product.

Protein ice cream mix protein are different to the normal protein shakes you get in the shops. Whereas the Protein Ice Cream Mix has already mixed everything together for you. This way you don’t need to work hard by shaking the mixture yourself. The reason why they do this is to make your life easier and take away any hassle.

Cheap whey protein ice cream mix deals

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