Cheap Protein Flapjack Deals

Get the best value cheap protein flapjack deals here using our sports supplement price comparison tool. Protein flapjacks are one of the best ways to get post workout carbs and protein to power your muscle repair like nothing else. Tasty and easy to eat protein flapjacks are a quick way to get your protein intake post workout.

Get the best value cheap protein flapjack deals here:

Cheap Protein Flapjack Deals

Protein flapjack is the perfect mix of carbs, protein in one filling post workout snack, a great alternative to cheap protein bars. Ideal for anyone looking for a filling post workout protein hit.

Our delicious flapjacks started off as a breakfast on our award-winning healthy meal plan, yet they proved so popular that our customers insisted we launch them as a product in their own right… so here they are, by customer demand!

They’re perfect at breakfast, mid-morning or afternoon, during a hike or bike ride, or before or after the gym. We’ve made them using the same principles as our healthy meal plans, so they are more than just another snack!

There are loads of Flapjack fans out there already who love the taste of our bars as well as the sustained energy they deliver for whatever activity they’re doing. Our Flapjacks have fuelled cyclists on the Tour De France, runners up the Alps, rowers across the Atlantic and walkers across the Sahara!

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