Cheap Powerbar 30%, 52% Protein Plus

Get great deals on the cheapest Powerbar Protein Plus bars here using our sports supplement price comparison tool. We have searched the internet for cheap Powerbar ProteinPlus deals so you don’t have to. Powerbar ProteinPlus are one of the best selling protein bars on the market.

This bar delivers 30% protein, which is five times the amount found in many other protein bars. The additional protein helps to increase your metabolism and maintain an anabolic state.

PowerBar 30% Protein Plus + Minerals Bars contain a blend of timed protein sources that drip feed into the muscles to support amino acids to help keep your body in anabolic (growth) mode throughout the day and night. This bar delivers 24g of premium quality protein, plus Calcium and Magnesium, plus other essential vitamins and minerals. Six great flavours for you to choose from (Cashew Cookie, Almond Chocolate, Chocolate Caramel, Coconut Cream Pie, Lemon Poppy Seed and Blueberry Cobbler). These are premium protein bars from Pwerbar, but even that being said we often put Powerbar protein bars on out list of the cheapest protein bars in the UK list, mainly due to deals or short dated protein bars.

Never stop moving with this great tasting snack protein bar to help you train harder and recover faster. Each protein bar has 30% protein, to prevent muscle breakdown and help build and repair muscles. With six flavours, you can never tire of having a PowerBar Protein Plus bar close at hand. This is premium quality protein that you can rely on to refuel your body after training, to help build and repair muscles efficiently and effectively.

PowerBar Protein Plus Protein Bar Uk
PowerBar Protein Plus Protein Bar UK

Our 30% Protein Plus bar is formulated for athletes who are looking for a healthy snack that also helps build and maintain muscle mass. Each bar contains a blend of fast- and slow-release proteins, including whey, milk and egg proteins that supply a complete amino acid profile. Six delicious flavours let you find the right protein bar for your taste. High-quality, high-protein bar to support muscle building and energy after exercise. Protein Plus + Minerals bars are a great choice after exercise to deliver high premium quality protein plus Calcium and Magnesium to support energy metabolism and muscle function.

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Powerbar 52% Protein Plus

Powerbar’s 52% Protein Plus bars are a convenient and tasty way to boost essential protein throughout the day. With a unique blend of different protein sources, these bars provide a tasty way to help support your active lifestyle. They are six flavours to choose from, so you can find the right bar for your taste. Protein Plus 52% protein bars are a great choice after exercise to deliver high premium quality protein plus Calcium and Magnesium to support energy metabolism and muscle function. Outstanding protein quality with a delicious taste – now available in 52% protein. A great choice for athletes before training or after sports, the Powerbar 52% Protein Plus bar offers high protein quality with an optimal protein blend. Along with its protein content, this bar also contains Calcium and Magnesium to support energy metabolism and muscle function. Due to the carb content of these protein bars, PowerBar’s are not ideal as keto bars, but they can be used by people who don’t mind some carbs with their protein.

52% Protein Plus bars are the perfect addition to a premium-protein diet, with seven different flavours to choose from, you’ll never get bored! Our high-quality protein is made from a blend of timed-release proteins to ensure a steady release of amino acids. These bars will not only help you meet your daily protein goal, but they will also satisfy your sweet tooth!

Time Release Protein Bars

PROTEIN PLUS 30% bars are time-release protein bars. With protein that is digested both quickly and slowly, they are the right choice to consume after exercise to offer support for muscle growth and recovery. The protein content in the PROTEIN PLUS 30% bar has been increased by 30 percent to deliver the ideal ratio of proteins to carbohydrates. This combination supports optimal muscle growth and can delay hunger pangs after exercise because it contains a high amount of great tasting premium quality ingredients.

PROTEIN PLUS 30% bars contain a combination of premium quality whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, which are digested both quickly and slowly. As a result, they provide your body with a constant supply of amino acids during the day. The slow-release protein in our PROTEIN PLUS 30% bars is perfect to help you achieve your goals.

There’s a lot of different protein bars out there, but none like PROTEIN PLUS 30% bars. Our small team of athletes and biochemists invented this time-release protein bar idea, and our bars are the only ones you can buy with both of your most important features in one bar—time-release protein and fibre. If you’re a serious athlete, you know that a high protein intake is critical during and after training. To ensure that you have the high quality protein your body needs to rebuild muscle, EAS created Time Release Protein Bars. Time Release Protein Bars are time release protein bars – meaning the protein is digested both quickly and slowly. As a serious athlete, you can’t accept any compromises on your journey to reach your potential, so it’s important to have the right nutrition tools to support your fitness goals. With Time Release Protein Bars from EAS, you provide your body with a source of premium quality proteins that are easily digest.



PowerBar Protein Bars 52% UK
PowerBar Protein Bars 52% UK

You don’t always need a coach and a personal trainer to get lean, toned muscle. Sometimes all you really need is the right protein bar from Powerbar. Going beyond simple protein bars, Powerbar’s 52% Protein Plus line has been specifically designed with the latest research in mind to deliver premium quality protein, calcium and magnesium for metabolism support. These delicious protein bars come in a variety of flavours so you can choose the one that tastes good while also meeting your fitness goals.

PowerBar™ Protein Plus is the bar with the most protein, highest in performance. We engineer our bars specifically to fuel your workout. PowerBar™ Protein Plus delivers premium quality protein plus Calcium and Magnesium to help support energy metabolism and muscle function. The Protein Plus bars provide a ready to consume source of vital, complete protein and other important nutrients such as Iron and Zinc. With 52% Protein and 24 vitamins and minerals, this bar is the perfect choice at any time of the day to meet your daily nutritional requirements.

PowerBar ProteinPlus 30% High in Protein Bar 15 x 55g

A high-protein sports bar with 30% protein plus 6g dietary fiber. Contains 6g partially hydrolyzed wheat protein, soy protein isolate, calcium caseinate, whey protein concentrate, stevia leaf extract. Trisource Protein, a special mix of casein, whey and soy protein. Protein supports muscle growth and maintenance free from collagen protein and aspartame in refreshingly light fluffy texture.

Powerbar ProteinPlus 30% High-Protein Bar sticks with a magnificent texture and infusion of delicious flavour – ideal to sate your hunger and keep your performance level high. What’s more, the gluten free ingredient trisource protein ensure that your body stays in top shape. We are also committed to helping athletes of all levels achieve their potential. PROTEIN PLUS 30% bars are very high in protein, with a choice of three delicious flavours, which are ideal for after exercise, as the Glycemic Index is low and there’s no fat. This way you will help your body to recover faster after physical activity with a delicious product that is easy to serve and consume, containing the right type of nutrients during recovery at the right time.

Our PROTEIN PLUS 30% bars are available in two different flavours: chocolate and lemon & strawberry, and also come in two different sizes: 15 x 55g and 7 x 55g. The high protein content of 30% offers you a light and fluffy texture as well as an intense fresh flavour. Protein is essential to recover, rebuild and recharge your energy after intense workouts or exhausting days. Proteins help build and maintain muscle mass for both men and women athletes.

The PowerBar PROTEINPLUS bar with Trisource protein is a high protein bar designed by athletes, for athletes. Available in two flavours, this delicious tasting bar contains 30% protein and will help you recover after exercise, providing valuable nutrients to help repair, rebuild and bulk up lean muscle mass. We know that as a busy athlete you live your life in training making recovery even more important.

Powerbar 30%, 52% Protein Plus INGREDIENTS

Calcium caseinate (milk) (21%), white chocolate (18%) [sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavouring], oligofructose syrup, invert sugar syrup, fructose syrup, whey protein (milk) (8%), skimmed milk powder, soy protein, flavourings, emulsifier (soy lecithin).

Nutritional Information – Powerbar Protein Plus

Typical Values per 100g per 55g Bar Energy 

(kJ) 1650909

Energy (kCal) 394217

Protein (g) 30.416.7

Carbohyrate (g) 4524.6

of which sugars (g) 3720.4

Fat (g)11.56.4

of which saturates (g) 7.24

Fibre (g)<1<1 Sodium (g)


May contain: peanuts, hazelnuts, almondsgluten.


Cheap Powerbar proteinplus


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