Cheap PhD Protein Superfood

Cheapest PhD Protein Superfood

Cheap PhD Protein Superfood is at the cutting edge of vegetable proteins on the market, the combination of Brown rice protein, Pea protein and hemp protein makes PhD Protein super-food one of the best if not the best vegan protein on the market.

PhD Protein Superfood – a superfood in a shake

Not only that PhD Protein Superfood contains botanicals such as fat burning Matcha tea, Yerba Mate along with Goji berry powder, Pomegranate Powder, Raspberry Fruit Powder, Acai Berry Powder and Baobab Fruit Powder. This alone makes PhD protein superfood awesome but not only that, PhD Nutrition has added in Coconut Powder, Pumpkin Powder, Sweet Potato Powder, Tigernut Powder, Chlorella Powder and Spirulina Powder. Get this now, it’s amazing. Get the cheapest deal here.

PhD superfood protein is one of the most healthy blend of protein powders to gain muscle the vegan way, get this amazing mix of vegetable protein powders and fat burning herbs. Get the best protein powder in PhD superfood protein.

PhD Superfood Protein flavours:

Cheap PdD Superfood Protein comes in three delicious flavours:

Banana PhD Protein Superfood:

This has to be one of our favorite banana flavours, so natural in flavour that you wont believe its a protein flavour.  I love using the Phd Superfood protein in my smoothies, mixing in real frozen berries and banana. The energy from that smoothie for me lasts all morning.

PhD Nutrition Protein Superfood Squeezy Mango and Banana Ready to Drink Smoothie 8 Sachets, 1.04 kg

PhD have released a ready to drink Superfood Squeezy drink available from Amazon. 20g of dairy free and soya free protein in each RTD. Lovely fruit flavours with high protein content.

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