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We have found the best deals for Mens Health Home gyms using our fitness equipment price comparison tool.

Find the best deals on the Mens Health Home Gym 66kg kit here:

We have not found Mens Health branded Multi Gyms available in the UK at the moment. We do not know if you can still get Mens Health Multi Gyms  but with the Corona virus Multi Gyms are in short supply so we have a list of what we have found to be available. If you are just looking for a Dumbbell set, look at the Mirafit Dumbbell set in the UK here.

Find the best deals on the Mens Health Cable Cross Over here:

Getting a home gym from Men’s health means you are getting the gym equipment from a well know fitness brand.

Argos Mens Health Gym Equipment

The main retailer of Mens Health fitness equipment is Argos and they have quite a wide range. Argos Mens Health Multi Gyms are only one of many items they sell.

Apart from Argos Multi Gyms there are weight benches, Dumbells and Barbells.

A list of Mens Health Multi Gyms and Gym Equipment

Men’s Health 66kg Home Gym

Do it all with Men’s Health 66kg Home Gym, combining classic gym exercises with new muscle-building moves to help you reach your goals faster. Athlete in a Box, the ultimate collection of workouts that will push you past your limits. With over 3,000 ways to work your upper body, lower body and core at home or away, Men’s Health 66kg Home Gym gives you everything you need to burn fat and build lean muscle fast – in the comfort of your own home.

The Men’s Health 66kg Home Gym is a compact two station gym, designed to provide effective training in one place for men wanting to achieve their personal fitness goals.

The Men’s Health 66kg Home Gym is the ideal solution for men who lead a fast-paced, hectic life. It tones, strengthens and sculpts your body through a variety of full body exercises including pectoral flies, shoulder presses, leg extensions and dips. The revolutionary cardio machine takes the form of a stair climber that provides a cardiovascular workout that tones your core muscles while burning off unwanted fat.

What is the Mens Health 66kg Multi Gym used for?

The Mens Health 66kg Multi Gym is an incredible all-in-one home gym machine providing you with a huge variety of exercises that will tone up and sculpt your body. Use it for your legs, abs, chest, shoulders, back and arms.

The Mens Health 66kg Multi Gym can be used for strengthening and toning your whole body. Heavier weights are targeted towards building bigger muscles, and lighter weights can be combined to help create muscle endurance, as well as an effective cardiovascular workout. The potential effects include greater energy levels, increased motivation and self-esteem, and an improvement in the way that you look and feel.

Built to last, our 66kg home gym is strong and sturdy and comes with an array of resistance options to suit your strength training needs. Choose from 8 levels of magnetic resistance or 20 levels of hydraulic resistance, allowing you to build up as your fitness progresses. To help you reach your goals quicker, we’ve also included our patented MagneTrainer Flex training board – the one-size-fits-all cardio and strength workout for all shapes and sizes. Stay on track with a range of over 20 exercises designed by personal trainers, read the latest news on diet and nutrition in the free electronic magazine provided, and always be healthy.

The 66kg (145 lb) Home Gym is designed with multiple cable and pulley stations to help you improve strength, stamina and definition. The gym includes a lat tower, leg extension station, leg curl station and preacher curl station.

Men’s Health Power Tower

Men’s Health Folding Bench with 50kg Weights

Men’s Health Power Rig

Men’s Health Power Rig Pulley and Accessories

Men’s Health Sit Up Bench

Men’s Health Sit Up Bench

Men’s Health 90kg Home Multi Gym

Men’s Health Incline and Decline Utility Bench

Men’s Health Ultimate Workout Bench

Men’s Health Squat Rack

Men’s Health 100kg Cable Cross Over Home Multi Gym

Men’s Health Folding Bench & Preacher with 50kg Weights

Mens Health 66kg home gym

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