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Get a cheap Medicine Ball to boost your core workout regime and tone up. Medicine balls are great for weighted sit ups and weighted cardio. Get great medicine ball deals below using our fitness price comparison tool below.

Cheap Medicine Ball

Cheap Medicine Balls UK

We have found the best value medicine balls on the UK market. The medicine balls are an amazing core workout tool that you can do anywhere. You just need you, the floor and a medicine ball and you do a full body workout. Get a cheap Medicine ball you can really add a lot of value to your workouts everyday.

cheap medicine balls UK

What are medicine ball exercises?

Medicine ball exercises are a form of plyometric weight training wherein weighted balls called medicine ball, exercise ball, med ball, or fitness ball, are used to help the individual trim down his/her core. Most athletes benefit from medicine ball exercises because they are an effective means of rehabilitation, strength training, and are a fast way of tightening up the abdominal area or the core.

Medicine Ball Exercises

Medicine balls usually have a 14 inch diameter and can have a weight that is anywhere between 2 to 25lbs or 0.91 to 11kgs.  They are most used by athletes because medicine ball core exercises easily elevate the strength and power of an individual in any kind of sport. Medicine balls come in different materials and designs, although it is very common for a medicine ball to have leather or vinyl exterior and a weighted, compact interior.

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Why are medicine ball exercises good for women?

The manageable size of the medicine ball makes it easier to handle for women, compared to bulky training equipment such as weights. In terms of psychological perceptions, a ball is much more manageable to handle than a metal and heavy-looking dumbbell. As a result, women are easily more encouraged to practice exercises with medicine ball. Women can easily start with a light medicine ball to get them started with their medicine ball training. After a few weeks of medicine ball workouts for women, their fitness trainer can increase the weight of the medicine ball they are using. This process makes it possible for women to focus on their practice rather than dreading the weight of their medicine ball, which if it is indeed thought about by women, can cause non-optimum performance in training.

There are also medicine ball exercises that can be practiced by men. If you would like to develop your abs fast, learning and practicing a few medicine ball exercises for men can give you the results you want faster.

cheap medicine balls

Medicine balls for sale

Cheap medicine balls are easy to find in fitness stores and online auction stores. You can check with your favorite sports retailer if they have equipment for medicine ball exercises. You need not purchase medicine balls in sets. Rather, consult with your fitness trainer and let him/her decide on what weight you should start with. Choosing the right weight of your medicine ball is the first step when practicing medicine ball exercises.

What is a Medicine Ball Workout?

A medicine ball workout is a regular fitness routine that makes use of a weighted ball called “medicine ball” in a series of medicine ball exercises. The medicine ball is one of the oldest equipment used for strength training and rehabilitation, and has been in existence since the time of Ancient Greek athletes. Today, medicine ball exercises are practiced both by fitness buffs and professional athletes to develop their core, strengthen their power, and rehabilitate any weakened muscle that has been compromised by injury.

There are different medicine ball exercises that can be found in fitness books and online journals. However, a person who wishes to have his/her own medicine ball workout should ask a fitness trainer to design medicine ball workouts that is perfectly suited to his/her physical fitness needs. After all, exercises with medicine ball target different muscles of the body. If you want to tone down a specific area using medicine ball exercises, your fitness trainer can help you determine which exercise can give you the results you want.

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Medicine Ball Core Exercises

Medicine balls are most known for their effectiveness in strengthening the core or abdominal muscles of the individual. Therefore, if you subject yourself to regular medicine ball exercises, you can expect to tone down your core faster than regular workouts. The only thing you should remember about medicine balls exercises is that you should practice with a medicine ball that has the right weight. If not, the medicine ball workout may prove fruitless (if the weight is inadequate) or dangerous (if the ball’s weight is too heavy for the practicing individual). Any person who has just started practicing medicine ball exercises should only practice with the ball under the supervision of their fitness trainer. Also, shifting medicine balls with different weights should be done responsibly and at a regulated pace- making it possible for the body to adjust to the training properly.

Other Core exercises that can compliments the medicine ball are kettle bell exercises. You can get great value kettle bells such as the York Kettle Bells set, or you may want to go for the more advanced cast iron kettle bells if you are looking for heavy weights. 

Cheap Medicine Balls

Medicine Ball for core muscle exercises

When you want to do weighted sit ups you can hold the medicine ball and lift your back up off the floor. You will notice that the sit ups are noticeably harder to lift up to do, this resistance comes from the weight of the medicine ball. This extra weight adds the stress on the core muscles making it hard to do sit ups and really pushing the muscles. This extra stress means you are working your core harder and you muscles are going to have to recover and in doing so will build more muscle mass over time.

Using medicine balls in squats, body twists and all sorts of everyday exercises mean you are using your core harder than ever and you are getting leaner, stronger and doing a more intense exercise than ever before.

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Cheap Medicine Balls Vs Expensive Medicine Balls

Medicine balls have become popular exercise tools due to their versatility and effectiveness in developing strength, power, and coordination. When it comes to purchasing a medicine ball, there are options available at both ends of the price spectrum. This article will explore the differences between cheap medicine balls and expensive medicine balls, highlighting the pros and cons of each.

Cheap medicine balls are typically made with lower-quality materials and construction. They are often made of synthetic leather or vinyl and filled with sand or a similar substance. These balls may not withstand heavy use and are prone to wear and tear. However, they are more affordable, making them a suitable choice for beginners or those on a tight budget.

On the other hand, expensive medicine balls are constructed with high-quality materials such as genuine leather or durable rubber. These balls are designed to withstand rigorous training and are less likely to lose shape or durability over time. They often have reinforced stitching and are available in a wider range of weights and sizes. Expensive medicine balls are a great investment for serious athletes or fitness enthusiasts who plan to use them regularly.

Cheap Slam Balls vs expensive slam balls

To provide a clearer understanding, here is a comparison table highlighting the main differences between cheap and expensive medicine balls:

AspectCheap Medicine BallsExpensive Medicine Balls
MaterialsSynthetic leather or vinylGenuine leather or durable rubber
DurabilityProne to wear and tearResistant to heavy use and maintain shape
ConstructionBasic stitchingReinforced stitching
Weight and size optionsLimited optionsWide range of choices
PriceAffordableHigher cost
Cheap Medicine Balls Vs Expensive Medicine Balls
Cheap Slam Balls UK

In conclusion, the choice between cheap and expensive medicine balls ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget. If you’re just starting out or have budget constraints, a cheap medicine ball can still serve its purpose. However, if you’re serious about your training and require a long-lasting and high-quality product, investing in an expensive medicine ball is recommended. Consider factors such as durability, materials, construction, weight options, and price when making your decision.

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