Dr Zak’s High Protein Pasta 400g

Get the best deals on Dr Zak’s protein pasta here. We have the very best deals on Dr Zak’s protein pasta. When you are depleting carbs, Dr Zak comes to your rescue with Dr Zacs protein pasta.  Made with flour and Pea Protein, Dr Zac has managed to make a nice tasting protein pasta that is ideal for the body builder, gym goer or anyone on a high protein low carb diet.

Zak’s High Protein Pasta is back. This time with no artificial colours, preservatives, additives or flavourings. Just honest to goodness pasta that has been made using both red lentil and soy isolates to deliver a delicious tasting product that is totally high in protein. Zak’s Protein Pasta is a high protein food product made from 81% renewable resources. Dr Zak’s aim is to provide high quality LiveSource® wholefood blends for the health conscious consumer…to provide the highest quality nutrition available through using premium, fresh ingredients including Grass Fed New Zealand Whey Protein and Organic Hemp Seed Protein.

Dr Zak's Protein Pasta UK
Dr Zak’s Protein Pasta UK

Known as the king of pasta, durum wheat has made a dramatic comeback in recent years. It is renowned for its robust flavour and high nutrition value and is one of the few pasta varieties that actually packs a high nutritional punch. While its nutritional profile has taken it to many dinner tables, its carbohydrate levels have kept it away from those with a strict diet.

High Protein Pasta From Dr Zak’s

Zak’s Protein Pasta contains a moderate amount of protein per serving, which will help prevent muscle breakdown and aid recovery after exercise. To help maximize muscle growth, supplement your Zak’s Pasta meals with whey protein concentrate, casein concentrate or milk protein concentrate.

Dr Zak’s High Protein Pasta is the result of our research into developing high protein pastas that actually taste great. Combining two great protein sources with traditional Durum Wheat, we have turned one of the most staple food sources that traditionally delivered high levels of carbohydrate (up to 75g per 100g), into a protein packed reduced carb winner. No artificial colours, preservatives, additives or flavouring and no soya protein in sight.

Zak’s High Protein Pasta is made with two great protein sources – pea protein and rice protein. Zak’s are the only company in the UK to use these premium clean proteins. Made with 70% Zak’s delicious high protein Durum Wheat pasta, packed with 4.5g of protein per 100g, Zak’s High Protein Pasta provides a source of protein with only 3.7g of carbohydrate per 100g.

All natural pasta with an extra protein kick. High Protein Pasta is made by combining high protein maize and soy, guaranteed to be GMO free, to our 100% Italian Durum Wheat base. This allows us to produce a high protein pasta with less than 6g carbs per serving (40g serve). The result is clean, delicious pasta that has an extra protein kick while remaining low in carbohydrates.

High Protein Pasta From Dr Zak's
High Protein Pasta From Dr Zak’s

Dr Zak’s High Protein Pasta – Low Carb Pasta UK

It’s Time To Give Your Pasta A Makeover! ZAK’S HIGH PROTEIN LOW CARB PASTA combines two great Protein sources; Whey Protein Isolate and Soya Protein with traditional pasta to bring you an innovative Pasta, full of both taste and nutrients, WITHOUT the higher carbohydrate levels associated with conventional wheat based pastas. With no artificial colours, preservatives or additives (except for Calcium Carbonate), ZAK’S is a Gluten, Dairy and Grain Free product. Act now and try a portion of Gluten-free pasta to find out why Count.

The perfect pasta replacement. With the same great taste you know and love, our high protein pasta has 30% less carbohydrates than normal durum wheat pasta. This means if you are looking for alternative to your regular meals, trying to cut back on carbs or just enjoy all round healthy eating, Dr Zak’s high protein pasta is the perfect choice. Dr Zak’s High Protein Pasta is natural, has a great taste and contains high quality protein whilst remaining low in carbohydrates. The Dr Zak’s family of products makes living your dream healthy lifestyle easy and fulfilling. Dr Zak’s pasta is from the same range as Dr Zak’s Protein Bread, which is one of the UK’s best selling protein bread in the UK.

Best High Protein Pasta From Dr Zak's
Best High Protein Pasta From Dr Zak’s

Zaks clean high protein pasta is Gluten Free, Wheat Free and has an amazingly low Net Carb Count , 25g of Protein per 100g of pasta, unlike regular pasta at 15g. Well be honest here, the original no carb pasta was fantastic for keto diets but if you are on a more general low carb diet it is very hard to reach your required daily intake of protein. Most companies use soy in place of wheat for their no carb pasta but Zak’s used two great sources of protein to make this product even better.

Zak’s High Protein Pasta is a tasty and simple way to increase your protein intake. Our high protein pasta is high in fibre and contains a source of fibre called Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), which has been scientifically proven to produce gas and increase the amount of dietary fibre you consume. One serving of Zak’s High Protein Pasta equals around 10% of your daily fibre intake!Play a major part in your diet with High Protein Pasta that cooks the same as normal pasta delivering the same great taste. We have changed the food pyramid, making it possible to understand that you can still eat pasta responsibly. This one serving of 55g provides up to 26g of protein, providing more protein than regular pasta. Only 3g net carbs due to the properties of our high protein flour blend.

Zak’s Low Protein pasta by Dr Zak’s is made with high protein Halal chicken and combined with traditional durum wheat for taste and texture. As Halal chicken has lower protein content, Zak’s utilised the combined protein of both ingredients to bring you a balanced product without the use of soy protein. Zak’s pasta also delivers 6g of fibre per 100g, raising its nutritional profile above that of your everyday pasta.

High Protein High Fibre Dried Pasta

Zak’s High Protein High Fibre Pasta is a high protein, low carbohydrate pasta made from a combination of Cross Flow Micro-filtered Wheat Protein and rice protein. The powdery nature of the protein in the pasta creates an extraordinarily high protein density, in a great tasting gluten free pasta.

Zaks Protein Pasta is ideal for people who want to cut down on carbohydrates, but don’t want to compromise on their favourite pasta dishes. Dr Zak’s High Protein Pasta comes in three mouth-watering flavours, Penne, Fusilli and Spaghetti, with 6g of protein per serving! Zak’s pasta is made from the same traditional sourced ingredients that are used in the production of all Dr Zak’s products. It has no colours or preservatives added whatsoever. Why not come along and try our range at your nearest stockist.

Zaks High Protein Pasta is a deliciously nutritious and sustaining Low Carb and GLUTEN free pasta. It only contains the finest natural ingredients and purest of water, giving it a clean wholesome taste. Zak’s High Protein Pasta is made with 100% natural ingredients, making it the perfect comfort food. Even better, the combination of proteins in this pasta means that it is very high in protein, while still being low in carbs. Its flexibility means that Zak’s High Protein Pasta can be used in a range of recipes and styles, while still offering the same great taste every time.

Made with two high protein ingredients, this pasta doesn’t compromise on flavour. Enjoy it in place of normal pasta with your favourite sauce or in your favourite dishes. High in protein and low in carbohydrates, it’s the perfect wholesome ingredient for everyone to enjoy. It’s a great tasting pasta that will keep you feeling full and satisfied, while providing you with a full 50g of protein for each 143g serving. Just add to your favourite sauce and add other ingredients such as peas, spinach or broccoli for a healthy vegetable option, or go all out with a delicious creamy carbonara. Alone or with a light tomato sauce, the possibilities are endless.

Zak’s Protein Pasta is made in the UK, combining innovative technology with traditional pasta making, similar to how it has been made for centuries. By combining two great protein sources with traditional durum wheat, we have turned one of the most staple food sources, which traditionally delivered high levels of carbohydrate, into a protein packed pasta winner. Our organic high protein pasta delivers up to 40% more protein than standard pasta. Zak’s offers clean gluten free pastas made using only the finest ingredients.

Protein Pasta UK 400g
Protein Pasta UK 400g

Dr Zak’s Pasta Award Winning Fine Fresh Ingredients

With the added benefits of high levels of protein, Omega 3, fibre and reduced carbohydrate intake, Dr Zak’s High Protein Pasta is not only innovative but one of the key reasons for this product being awarded the coveted Great Taste Award 2015. Dr Zak’s offer a range of style pitches that allow our consumers to take advantage of this award winning product in a number of ways i.e. As an alternative to traditional white pasta shapes or using it as an additional source of protein.

Zak’s High Protein Pasta has no artificial colourings, preservatives, additives, or flavouring. With Zak’s your carb levels are lower and you get only the good stuff in every 100g serving. That’s good pasta made tasty with real cheese. No Junk! Zak’s Protein Pasta is a new high protein pasta with 75% less carbohydrate than regular pasta. Made from 75% wholewheat Durum Wheat and blended with imported ‘Egg White Protein’, each serving has up to 17g protein with no artificial additives such as colourings and preservatives. Zak’s Protein Pasta is also suitable for people following a low carbohydrate diet and can be enjoyed in any way you would traditional pasta.

Wherever your child is on the road to health, Dr Zak’s High Protein Pasta will be there. From being overweight, needing to lose some extra pounds, improving physical activity levels or just being young, Dr Zak’s High Protein Pasta will provide its benefits for generations to come. Not only do our products help the family but they are specifically designed to support eating well at school time which can have a significant impact on developing healthy eating habits for life.

Zak’s High Protein Pasta is the healthy alternative to standard wheat pasta. This low carb pasta is packed with 22g of high quality protein per 100g, without the gluten that often comes with regular pasta. An easy swap to help you on your health kick, Zak’s High Protein Pasta combines two great sources of protein for a tasty, healthy plate of pasta.

Combining two great protein sources with traditional Durum Wheat, we have turned one of the most staple food sources that traditionally delivered high levels of carbohydrate (up to 75g per 100g), into a protein packed Low Carb Pasta winner. In our range we have a collection of four perfectly balanced recipes that contain between 10 and 14 grams of protein per 100g making them the perfect base for a healthy pasta dish – protein style! Our High Protein Pasta is high protein, low carbohydrate and packed with high levels of dietary fibre. We combine two great protein sources with traditional Durum Wheat to deliver a high protein winner. No artificial colours, preservatives, additives, flavouring or No Soya Protein in sight making it the cleanest high protein pasta on the market.

Our Dr Zak’s High Protein Pasta combines two great sources of protein, high quality Durum Wheat and Tofu, to create a tasty delicious pasta whilst minimising the levels of carbohydrate. We’ve taken the traditionally high carb pasta source and cleverly combined it with protein rich tofu to successfully produce a great protein packed pasta to help you maintain or gain lean muscle mass.

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