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Get cheap CNP Race Drink deals using our sports supplement price comparison tool below. We have found the best deals on CNP Race Drink, the ultimate carb drink made along side team Sky to make endurance sport and fuel for the race easier than ever.

CNP Endurance Race Drink Energy Powder

The solution was to come up with a great tasting drink that would be easy to take on the go, either in a bottle or in their water bottles. Most importantly, however, this drink had to offer the same nutrients and energy sources as a high quality carbohydrate and electrolyte powder mix and so they came up with a solution: Dairy Free Endurance Race Drink.

The good news is that Endurance Race Drink doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste or upset your stomach, and contains a mix of glucose and fructose to replicate the mix of carbs taken in from food. It also contains a mix of amino acids called L-Glutamine to help you kick out lactic acid more efficiently. CNP Endurance Race Drink has no artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives or added sugar. The water content of the drink is made up of electrolytes, caffeine and essential sugars, similar to the information provided by Mother Nature. This provides your muscles with crucial nutrients to fuel your workout or race.

A suitable substitute for a standard sports drink, this sugar-free, isotonic drink mix is designed to offer a low-calorie source of energy during long or intense workouts and endurance competitions. Each sachet provides enough fluid to replace what you lose from exercise, without the heavy feeling in your gut that can sometimes accompany a high sugar drinks. Slicksticks are designed to keep your music player inside the case while you run, jogging or exercise. The non-slip surface on the outside of the silicone bands means they’ll stay in place while moving while the soft touch exterior offers a comfortable grip for easy removal.

CNP Endurance Race Drink is a mix of hydration mix, which includes carbohydrates and antioxidants, packed into convenient sachets that can be carried in a jersey pocket or riding pack. Perfect for long rides and hot weather, each sachet supplies 100 calories and suits all carbohydrate requirements depending upon the duration and intensity of the ride. CNP do a range of other supplements such as great value whey protein, protein gels, CNP Protein bars and other endurance products.

Cheap CNP Race Drink Deals

CNP Race Drink Sachet 20 x 22g

With a unique blend of carbohydrates, electrolytes and glucose polymers, the CNP Race drink sachet will help to rapidly provide your body with enough energy for prolonged exercise. It’s also been formulated to be extremely easy on the stomach, so there’s no need to worry about it disturbing your hydration status or making you feel claggy during long hours in the saddle. All 100% pure ingredients are made in the UK, including the new ‘Light Sport Blend’ Guarana for sustained energy lasting up to 6 hours. The sachet makes it easy to mix with water and some simple stirring gives you a smooth tasting drink that is easy to digest. It requires no mixing or blending, just pour some into the bottle of your choice and off you go.

The CNP Endurance Race Drink is a cool, refreshing drink mix for athletes competing in endurance events. With the benefit of added nutrients it has been tested by top professional sportsmen and can help replace energy during long rides or races.

CNP Race Drink is a revolutionary energy drink developed in association with Team Sky. Made from only naturally sourced ingredients, with a neutral pH and very mild flavour, it allows riders to consume large quantities without the usual flavour fatigue and stomach issues. CNP Race Drink will help keep your performance on track at all times throughout your ride. CNP Race Drink has been developed for optimum performance, benefiting riders who need to take in extra fluid with minimal effort so they can focus on reaching the finish line first. It’s neutral pH and very mild flavour allow you to consume large quantities without flavour fatigue and stomach issues, helping to increase your chances of hitting your targets. CNP Race Drink is available in four exciting flavours: Orange, Lemon, Lime and Raspberry (Blackcurrant is recommended only for pre-loading).

Drinks for Cycling Races

Brought to you by the inventors of isotonic sport drinks, CNP Labs is now offering an exclusive partnership with Team Sky. CNP Race Drink is unique in its ability to be consumed at high rates without leaving riders’ stomachs feeling sick, immediately delivering essential energy and hydration. Team Sky’s nutritional coach has devised a range of Race Drinks to suit different race needs. If your planned ride is longer than 1 hour, or if you are feeling particularly fatigued, try our Mega Endurance Formula.

CNP is a revolutionary drink mix that can be added to water or used neat from a sachet – with or without the use of a water bottle. It’s neutral pH, very mild flavour and viscous consistency mean it doesn’t cause discomfort to the stomach and allows you to consume a greater volume of fluid. Each sachet is 20g with a sweat rate of 45ml per hour so for top-end performances choose CNP. CNP Race Drink is the first energy drink that provides all of the hydration and energy benefits associated with other sport drinks without the high sugar content. It has been designed to be consumed during training, competition and recovery. Drinking water can dilute vital minerals and salts in your body which are lost through sweat, so these need to be replaced using an isotonic sport drink, CNP race drink is not good for a keto electrolyte, but a great energy source for those needing carbs.

Our expert cyclists have combined a breakthrough sports drink formula with our unique delivery system to create a revolutionary energy drink. Train, climb and ride harder with a little help from this highly advanced hydration system. Open up a pack of CNP Race Drink and you’ll see the difference straight away – it’s developed specifically for cyclists by riders who have won stages in the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia. Its neutral pH and very mild flavour means you don’t get the usual flavour fatigue and stomach issues whilst still delivering essential energy and hydration.

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CNP Race Drink was developed in association with Team Sky and their nutritionist, Dr. Allen Lim. CNP Race Drink is a revolutionary energy drink that allows neutral pH and very mild flavour whilst still delivering essential energy and hydration during high performance exercise.

Available in a variety of great tasting flavours, CNP Race Drink is the only energy drink that combines a very mild flavour with all of the benefits of full fat milk. This gives CNP Race Drink a neutral pH balance, ideal for the performance of endurance athletes. Ride Longer, Higher, Faster. Perfect for use on the bike, CNP Race Drink is a powdered energy drink mix that’s been developed in association with Team Sky. Its combination of Neutral pH and very mild flavour means you can consume larger quantities of fluid without the usual flavour fatigue and stomach issues, making it perfect for long road or mountain bike rides. Uniquely designed to be both neutral in taste and ensure optimal training performance from start to finish.

CNP Race Drink sachet is affordable, portable and comes in a variety of flavours. When it’s time for a ride, simply mix one sachet with 250ml of water to get a quick hydration boost or more sachet with water to meet your individual requirements. CNP Race Drink is Neutral pH and very mild, allowing riders to consume large quantities without the usual flavour fatigue and stomach issues. CNP’s Race Drink was developed in association with Team Sky allowing the Team to test and refine the product during competitions and training. This allowed Coaches and Scientists at British Cycling and Team Sky to refine and perfect the formulation allowing CNP to deliver a revolutionary energy drink that meets the specific needs of elite athletes.

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