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Cheap BSN SYNTHA-6 deals

Get the best deals on BSN Syntha 6 protein blend. One of the best things about BSN syntha 6 apart from its blend of high grade proteins, is the awesome taste that BSN is known for. No longer is taking protein shakes a painful taste bud torture but a taste sensation.  We have found the best deals on BSN Syntha 6 and have added them below for you all to see.

Despite the name Syntha 6 it actually has 9 different types of proteins blended with healthy fats, carbs and fibre.

The 9 different types of proteins in Syntha 6 protein powder are:

Milk Protein:

Milk protein is a broad protein that has not had the whey and the casein proteins. BSN has included this in Syntha 6 due to its protein content, its mix of digestions speeds to give the blend a long term Amino Acid delivery and the fact it adds a creamy dairy flavour to the Protein shake.

Whey Protein Isolate:

Whey protein isolate is a super lean, stripped down protein minus the dairy fat, the lactose leaving just the high protein, easy to digest protein. BSN has included this in syntha 6 as whey protein isolate is lean, fast digesting and great post workout.

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate:

Hydrolyzed protein isolate is a partly digested protein powder that is the fasted protein to be digested on the market. BSN has included this in Syntha 6 as hydrolyzed whey is almost instantly digested into the blood giving you the fasted possible recovery.

Milk Protein Concentrate:

Milk protein concentrate is a more lean version of the whole milk protein blend already added to Syntha 6. This is a leaner less creamy version and has been added by BSN to have a complex protein blend in the mix to help slow down the full digestion of proteins.

Micellar CASEIN:

Micellar protein is the least denatured of the casein proteins, with more available casein protein. Cheap Micellar Casein is included by BSN in Syntha 6 to add a slow digesting protein into the mix to give your body up to 6 hours of slow drip feeding of amino acids for recovery over hours after your workout.


Calcium Caseinate is a slightly less bio available version of the casein protein, there is some benefits in terms of muscle support from the calcium content and its still a pretty good protein. BSN has included Calcium Caseinate in Syntha 6 to add a really nice thick protein that tastes good and gives body to the protein shake while giving some natural calcium and slow digesting protein.

Egg Albumin

Egg protein is a great sulphur dense protein that has a full range of amino acids. BSN added Egg Albumin to Syntha 6 to add a really nice mouth feel to the shake as well as the added benefits of a sulphur rich protein source.

Hydrolysed wheat protein

Many studies have shown that wheat protein is similar in its bio-availability to whey protein. There is a nice added thickness to wheat protein that we imagine is why BSN has added this to the protein blend.

Other BSN Syntha 6 Ingredients

BSN has added in some other ingredients than the key proteins that make up the amino acid giving parts of the Syntha 6 blend. There are some key fats, carbs and fibre to help make this more than just as time release protein blend.

BSN have added in Sunflower oil powder for the added MCT benefits, ideal to fuel the body and the mind.

BSN Syntha 6 Review

We have always like BSN Supplements, one of the big supplement brands but they do not add huge price tags to the products.

We bought some various flavours of BSN Syntha 6 protein powder so we have a mix of flavours for the review.

The flavours we bought for the review are:

Chocolate Mudslide Syntha 6 Review

We love to review chocolate flavours as they are the true mark of a protein brand and the Syntha 6 Chocolate Mudslide protein powder does not let BSN Down. to start the protein mixes really well with water, no chunks left in the shaker and a smooth pour. The flavour is a rich chocolate flavour from the cocoa, it is rich and nutty in a good roasted way. The protein is lovely and thick, the protein blend really makes for a delicious thick protein shake that is a pleasure to review. There is none of the nasty cheap aftertaste you get from some different chocolate proteins, this is the real deal it has it all. Syntha 6 is one of our favourite protein blends we have reviews and we give it 5 out of 5 for flavour and mouth feel. 4 out of 5 for ingredients, the only reason we have not given it 5 out of 5 is the addition of the hydrolysed wheat protein, we are not big fans of gluten and this combined in the Syntha 6 protein blend is not that needed.

New York Vanilla Cheesecake Review

Now another flavour we have been interested in, we love New York Cheese Cake and given that this is not a normal flavour it sparked our interest so we added it to the review. the flavour is very natural tasting, the vanilla is there as is the sour milky cheese flavour, with just the right amount of sweetness. the thickness is the same as with the chocolate mudslide and the body really adds to the flavour making you think this could be a really soft cheese cake.

Strawberry Cream Swirl Review

We are always a fan of Strawberry with a hint of cream. BSN Syntha 6 is a great mix of proteins that adds the right kind of thickness for a strawberry flavour. We find this is slightly thicker than the other two flavours we have reviewed and we are not sure why, but its no bad thing.

Syntha 6 Edge from BSN

There is a new protein blend to the Syntha 6 family and that is Syntha 6 Edge, this is a newly formulated protein blend that also has fast and slow digesting proteins. BSB created Syntha 6 Edge to be even better than the original with better proteins, better flavours and still the most amazing mix-ability. Syntha 6 Edge is the future of protein blends for those that really want the most out of a protein powder that isn’t a one hit wonder but the protein lasts for hours after you drink the protein shake.

The reason behind the move on from Syntha 6 to Syntha 6 Edge is the macronutrient levels are even better in the Edge with better protein sources and less of the weird proteins that we worried about with the first edition of Syntha 6.

Syntha 6 Edge Flavours

With the new formulation comes new flavours and the range of Syntha 6 Edge flavours are

Strawberry Syntha 6 Edge

This is another awesome strawberry flavour that packs a really nice punch. We love to review strawberry proteins like this, thick like a protein milk shake especially when served over ice.

Chocolate BSN Syntha 6 Edge

Another knock out chocolate flavour from BSN, we love this flavour and it was a pleasure to review, not to sweet and not too bitter. Syntha 6 Edge chocolate has just the right amount of cocoa to mix with all those dairy proteins to give it a really nice milk chocolate like flavour. We love this blended with ice, when you are missing chocolate bars then you will be happy to drink BSN Syntha 6 Chocolate.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Flavour

Man oh man what can we say about this apart from we are in love with this flavour. We love reviewing weird flavours and peanut butter and chocolate is a definite American tasting protein. We have taken to mixing the Chocolate Peanut Butter Flavour Syntha 5 Edge with the salted caramel flavour to get the Snickers bar flavour that we simply love and miss when we are on a cut or looking to gain lean muscle mass.

Salted Caramel Flavour

This is a instant favourite in the office with most of the team wanting to do the review of this sweet salty flavour protein. We love when a flavour comes along that adds a different type of flavour to the protein mixes. We have been using this as a stand alone protein shake as well as using it with the Chocolate Peanut butter flavourr to create a Snickers bar protein shake.

Vanilla Flavour BSN Syntha 6 Edge

Man we have reviewed some Vanilla flavours in our time and this one is a firm office favourite, not to sweet and not synthetic at all in its taste. We love to review Vanilla flavours in a thick protein like the Syntha 6 Edge as it has the flavour and texture of a melted icecream vanilla milkshake. We love this and we are using this as our go to recovery protein shake in the office. 5 out of 5 for flavour, protein and all round amazingness.

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