Mirafit is one of the most popular brands of home gym equipment in the UK and for good reason. Well built hard wearing fitness equipment that is so popular they are often out of stock. Made famous by Mirafit Dumbbell Sets, weight benches, squat racks and a whole range of weights for gym use.

Mirafit Equipment History

Mirafit was launched relatively recently having started life in 2014, Starting with some Mirafit Barbell Sets, Mirafit Bench and an assortment of gym equipment. Mirafit have made a good name for themselves in terms of value for money and quality of the build. There are a number of items that have made a name for themselves of point, including the Mirafit Half Rack and the Mirafit Hip Thrust Bench.

Mirafit Gym Equipment Reviews

With the onset of Covid 19 the demand for Mirafit UK gym equipment became a frenzy, sadly with some scalpers buying up full ranges and then resold them at a large markup. Mirafit themselves did not push prices up and tried to keep up with the overwhelming demand for Mirafit home gym equipment. In this time the brand became bigger with a number of forum users posting pictures of there Mirafit M100, Mirafit KettleBells

The team here in the office have a number of Mirafit Gym Equipment including the Mirafit Lat Pulldown, The Mirafit Yoke and the famous Mirafit Pump Set.

We have had nothing but good things to be said for our Mirafit kit, we have used this equipment as our own dedicated home gyms since lockdown and without it we would not have keep our gains or our sanity.

Mirafit In Stock

We have listed all of the Mirafit equipment in stock in the UK. We have been looking for all of the stock available for the Mirafit range and have found dealers and sources that have stock of the Mirafit ranges. There have been issues with getting stock available for the Mirafit range due to the shutting of the gyms due to Covid 19. We know how hard it has been to find Mirafit Stock, but we try and update all of our listings to show if the item is in stock or out of stock.

Mirafit Stockists UK

As far as we know the only official stockist of Mirafit equipment is Mirafit.

We have not seen any real looking resellers or stockists of the Mirafit lines, sometimes the kit can be found on Amazon and on other websites but the best bet for the Genuine Mirafit Fitness Equipment is Mirafit themselves. We have found some Mirafit Discount codes although they do not do discount codes often or at all.  We post up deals we find for the Mirafit equipment and let you decide where to buy the gym equipment yourself.

Top Mirafit Ranges:

Mirafit M100

Mirafit Hip Thrust Bench

Mirafit M200

Mirafit Yoke

Mirafit Wall or Rack Mounted Cable Pulley Machine

Mirafit Sit Up Bench

Mirafit Preacher Curl

Mirafit M1 Weightlifting Starter Kit

Mirafit Power Tower

Mirafit Studio Pump Set

Mirafit Kettlebells

Mirafit M210

Mirafit M3 Adjustable Weight Bench

Mirafit Stock

Mirafit M3 Power Rack

Mirafit J Cups

Mirafit Mission

The Mirafit mission is to make quality strength and conditioning equipment accessible to everyone. Through research and innovation, we aim to bring you the most effective products that are also affordable. We want you to have fun getting fit, with the help of our expert team and our fantastic range of products.

Mirafit is the UK’s no. 1 gym equipment supplier, with a reputation for outstanding service and unbeatable value. We’re proud of our team of dedicated experts whose focus is to deliver high quality products for the home user. Whether you’re a professional trainer or just getting started with strength training, our products and service are built around helping you achieve your goals.

About Mirafit

Mirafit is the UK market leader in home and gym strength training equipment. Our products are designed to suit different abilities, fitness levels and preferences—so there’s something for everyone at every stage of their journey. Guaranteed quality, attention to detail and exceptional service underpin everything we do, from product conception through to distribution. In doing so, we foster a culture where people can make progress, realise their potential—and have fun doing it!

With Mirafit, you can experience the benefits of strength training in your own home or at your local gym. Whether you’re looking to build strength, agility, or condition your body, we have a large range of products which are easy to use and will instantly improve the way your body moves.

Mirafit is a trusted UK brand providing innovative strength training equipment with a focus on both safety and ease of use.

Mirafit are fitness professionals with a true passion for Strength & Conditioning. Our mission is to provide the very best personal training experience to our clients. Our ethos is to help keep you fit and healthy, be it in a gym, at home or on holiday.