Bowflex 552I Adjustable Dumbbell

Bowflex Unisex’S 552I Single Adjustable Dumbbell Review

The Bowflex 552I Adjustable Dumbbell takes dumbbells to the next level. This piece of kit can grow with you, you can start lifting as low as 2kg and move up to 24kg. The Bowflex 552I also is perfect for use in a household of people with different weight lifting needs.

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Do resistance training from the comfort of your home without going to the gym with a pair of adjustable dumbbells. Whether you have a full – at home gym or are just starting out, the one piece that is fairly widely accepted as necessary are a few sets of dumbbell balls. Demand for exercise bike equipment is higher than ever, and demand for adjustable dumbbell sets like the JaxJox (famous for the invention of the adjustable Kettlebell) and now also the Bowflex Unisex Single Adjustable dumbbell is high. Best Buy has had great success with its adjustable weight, as have many other retailers.

The PowerBlock weights, which have been around since 1993 and are by far the most established line in this category, have a unique square design that allows a single set of weights with a total of 15 weight plates. Each elevation is perfect and really allows you to replace a whole dumbbell stand with just this one pair. They have the ability to adjust different and different amounts of weights and plates to the bar, and each increase actually allows the possibility of replacing a set or adjustable stub bellies with up to 15 pairs of intelligent weights in a set or even a range of different weights.

Bowflex Unisex’S 552I Single Adjustable Dumbbell Review Summary

If you don’t have to go big with the dumbbells you’re looking for, York Fitness’s option is also a good one. If you like the Bowflex style but don’t want to pay its price, this model from Athlyt is also a really good option. 

Here, too, the Athlyt weights are hard to beat in terms of their price-performance ratio and can be used for pretty much any standard weight exercise. When you need an easy-to-mount weight bench to lay flat and use, you can hit several muscle groups with it. With a flat surface like a head, I can incorporate breakaway rows and other functional movements into my next home workout. 

The StairMaster TwistLock Adjustable Dumbbells Set was my choice for the previous repetition of this guide and I will look at some of the best adjustable Dumbbells in the UK. As part of our comprehensive review, we will also examine what they can offer beyond their traditional counterparts. You may like to buy cheaper gym equipment but when it comes to dumbbell’s dont go cheap.

Bowflex 552I Adjustable Dumbbell 2 – 24kg Resistance

The MTN Gearsmith Adjustable Dumbbells are very similar to the yes4all weights we tested, but cost more. Overall, it is not only cheaper to have this type of dumbbells, but also more comfortable to store and use. Bowflex dumbbells offer integrated Bluetooth Smart Technology to record your workouts for future analysis. This type of Smart DumbBell is the same as the Bowflex Selecttech 552, which I have put in position one. If it wasn’t available, it could have come first in our previous test, but due to the fact that it costs more, it isn’t. 

Even better: The 552I is also more comfortable to store than the MTN Gearsmith Adjustable Dumbbells, but not as comfortable as the yes4all weights. 

Author Mark Bixby, who wrote the first version of the guide in 2016, praised the ability to expand the 120-pound dumbbells to a weight class of up to 120 pounds and a maximum weight of 150 pounds. After contacting customer services, he was dismissed with a “no comment” on the 552i single adjustable dumbbell, and no further comment. 

Bowflex 552I Adjustable Dumbbell UK In Stock Availability

If you’re in the market for a reasonably priced set of adjustable dumbbells that are a little cheaper – friendly – this Sports Tech range offers just that. The price may seem high, but it’s an absolute bargain when compared to buying the Bodymax Selectable, which can pick weights up to 150 pounds and a maximum weight of 120 pounds. When it comes to adjustable bells, the body maxes and weight class of your choice may be one or more premium options, but if you get what you pay for, it’s premium products. 

As the name suggests, you get a 50lbs dumbbell, but it weighs only 22.5kg – and that is measured in lbs, not kg. The Powerblock Pro 50 offers the same weight range as the Bodymax Selectable, only with the possibility to measure in pounds (notches). With a weight plate that easily adds and removes weight plates, this adjustable dumbbell can crank from 2 kg to 24 kg, with a maximum weight of 120 pounds.

Another feature of the Bowflex 552I dumbbell is that it can be adjusted to offer a resistance range of up to 2- 24 kg and a maximum weight of 120 pounds. You can choose the desired resistance quantity by simply turning on the selection wheel or by means of an adjustable weight plate. With the Bowflex 552I a cheap treadmill and a basic cross-trainer you can kit out a pretty good gym set up.

Once you have made your choice, simply lift the dumbbell from the base and let it weigh exactly with the weight you have chosen. When used, it feels very much like a normal weight, as the weight distribution is well balanced, regardless of the exercise you are doing. 

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