Body Sculpture Ab Trimmer BB6000

Body Sculpture Ab Trimmer UK

It has padded headrests and armrests to ensure a comfortable workout, but it does not have to. It is not the most expensive body sculptor you will ever meet, and it is one of the best in its class in terms of price. 

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You just have to adjust the bank’s inclination to your needs, which makes moving around more difficult if needed. A bank also supports your back more than you would normally do, which in turn makes you do more exercise. 

If you are in a tight space in your home gym, this may not be the best choice for the best abs trainer. While you may want to invest in mats for more comfort, you can take the workout aspect of the equipment to the next level. WonderCore 2 Smart is a space-saving alternative that you don’t have to have, but is still a great option for people with limited space. 

Body Sculpture BB6000 Ab Trimmer Specifications:

  • Product Type: Ab Roller
  • Brand: Body Sculpture
  • Model Number: BB6000HB-M
  • EAN:0715280696002
  • MPN: BB6000
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight: 4.2kg
  • Height: 69cm
  • Length: 66cm
  • Frame Material: Steel Tubing
  • Padding Material: PU covered Foam


  • Crunches the Abdominals
  • Create a Flat Stomach
  • Supported Sit Ups
  • Support the Back When Exercising Abs

Body Sculpture BB6000 Ab Trimmer Review UK

The Body Sculpture Abdominal Trimmer Roller is for those who want to perform crunches and at the same time ensure back and neck protection. This is a no-frills off scooter for a decent price and a great option for people with limited space in their home gym. 

The design of the ball itself is sturdy and strong to make the exercise as comfortable as possible. The hand rest and the rotating area are covered with dark foam to ensure that the roll does not slip on any surface on which you use equipment. 

With gyms across the country officially closed until further notice, it’s a good excuse to buy a new device for home use. When you also use weights, the bench is multifunctional, i.e. it can be used for a variety of exercises such as squats and deadlifts. Those who struggle to find motivation for the effort might prefer one of the more interactive ab machines. 

This has a big discount on Amazon UK at the time of writing, check out the product page for the latest deals. With the additional Amazon discount, this item is certainly in the lower price range, but compared to similar items it is very reasonable. 

Body Sculpture Ab Trimmer Review Summary

One user still claims it’s worth the price, but beginners may find it a little too big to get through first. Another customer who owned this roller said that after regular use he definitely noticed a difference and that the roller was certainly not well suited to support the lower back. 

The double resistance ensures that your core is always integrated for maximum results, and the two different handles are designed to work your abdomen differently and more intensively to build strength. Beginners can start with the upper bar, which also strengthens the upper body, while those who continue to exercise can really concentrate on the core muscles with the lateral handles through tight crunches. This equipment really allows you to do a whole body workout – with this trainer, you work on the upper as well as the lower back and provide a firm, flat stomach for further use. 

If you want to exercise seriously, this machine is designed to make you stronger, faster, and less likely to get injured. When you first start working on your abdomen, it can be very easy to hurt your back, especially in the early stages of training. If so, the Body Sculpture Ab Trimmer has a padded headrest that supports your head and neck when you sit down, while the holding frame helps you maintain your posture throughout the entire range of motion. 

Body sculpture ab trimmer Argos

The Body Sculpter Ab Trimmer is an Argos best seller, being the main supplier of home fitness equipment. Most people have started their own home fitness journey with a Argos Multi Gym and weight set. Argos sell so many of these which shows that the body sculpture ab trimmer must be well made as to many returns would mean Argos would not keep selling it.

The device is designed to train all arms and legs, including hips, shoulders, knees, back and torso, as well as the lower back. With this device you can control certain body areas such as abdomen, chest, thighs, arms or even push-ups, triceps bends, bridges, etc. The great thing about the machine, however, is that you can strengthen your stomach while protecting your back and improving posture. Some users have found it to be just as good as larger machines, but the only downside is that it is meant to be worn on a large bench, which after frequent use can mean that it does not last that long. 

ABs are specifically designed for the slants, so if you are a complete beginner, it can look a bit confusing. ABs look and resemble the body sculpture BB6000 abdominal trainer, but with a slightly different design. 

The size and simplicity means it can be used on carpets, which is said to be better for more controlled rolls. Where you might find a few extras like an integrated mat, the equipment is so large that you can’t fold it away. 

The Bodymax CF306 Adjustable Abdominal Board is a fairly simple tool that can give intensity to your standard fit – ups and downs. This dual function ab machine has 26 adjustment possibilities to protect your back and improve posture at the same time. The machine is quite large, so make sure you have enough space to use it in your home or office so it sweats. It looks a little tricky, but in my opinion this is the best AB machine you can buy and that is what I have always dreamed of. Start building your abdominal muscles and use this machine as a good starting point for those who work out and work in the gym

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