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USN Energy Vooma Gel Discontinued

Seem like a whole load of the USN Supplements we have seen USN supplements are being discontinued left right and center and vooma gel seems to be discontinued so we have added some other sports gels instead.

The Ultimate Sports Nutrition Vooma Gel range has been specifically designed to ensure optimal energy delivery and electrolytes and contains functional ingredients for hydration and recovery. This range has also been fortified with Vitamins B and C to aid athletic performance.

USN has developed a pre-digested carbohydrate gel with the aim of providing instant energy during exercise. It contains high levels of carbohydrates (glucose) alongside electrolytes (sodium and potassium), which is similar to sports drinks. Energy gels are designed to supply quick energy to athletes during activity, increasing their performance and ultimately they can help you to successfully reach your goals. These energy gels from USN are packed with carbs and electrolytes, not ideal for those on the keto diet or other low carb high fat diets, instead look for keto electrolytes instead.

Energy gels are an alternative source of carbohydrate to solid foods such as raisins, sweets or cereal bars. They are most frequently used by endurance athletes who exercise for more than one hour at a time, but you can use them if you’re taking part in any prolonged physical activity where consuming solid food isn’t practical.

USN Vooma Gels is a sports energy gel with a unique, fresh and fruity taste. It is designed to provide carbohydrates and B Vitamins to maintain energy levels during training and competition. The carbohydrates in Vooma Gels can help delay fatigue during exercise on a cellular level, meaning you can push harder for longer periods of time. As well as carbohydrates, the gels contain electrolytes to replace the salts lost through sweat. They also have a caffeine-based diuretic ingredient called purine alkaloid from Beetroot which increases mental alertness and improves physical performance.

Alternatives to USN Energy Vooma Gel

One of the most common questions I come across when discussing nutrition with athletes is “is gel better than jelly beans/bars/etc”? Unfortunately this question does not have an easy answer. The answer is dependent on what you are looking to achieve, the time frame and the individual (a complex question in its self). See Alternatives to USN Energy Vooma Gel.

The attention of endurance athletes has always been focused on the nutritional intake during training and competition. Nutrition is important but it is also influenced by many factors including “the place, the weather, the altitude/altitude change, the work done before, the recent diet (especially carbohydrate content), …” ( recommended read here ). USN came out with their line of energy gels almost 10 years ago with the release of Vooma Gels. These were developed after a great deal of research and studies to offer a nutritional gel solution to help fill energy gaps for both short and ultra-endurance athletes. Alternative energy gels include High5 Plus Caffeine GelsHigh5 Energy Source UK and so many more.

The human body can store sufficient glycogen for activities lasting up to 80 minutes. Once this time frame is passed, the demand for energy increases and gels are the most convenient form of replenishment. They are designed to be digested quickly, releasing carbohydrates into the bloodstream quicker than normal food sources.

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