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CrossFit Functional Rig Buyers Guide

Today I would like to delve into why you should invest in CrossFit training equipment for your home, which we have already treated and discussed before, how to build a CF gym. Over the past decade, I’ve slowly been putting together the equipment for a “CrossFit garage gym.” There are a number of different options to build the ultimate cross fit home gym, but what sets it apart is the ability to build it yourself. 

UK Gym Equipment makes high quality parts that everyone can invest in, and all our CrossFit rigs and racks are manufactured to the highest possible standard. 

CrossFit Rig UK – The best Cross Fit Rigs in the UK

In the past Origin Fitness has partnered with CrossFit Games, RFC Fitness and the UK Gym Equipment Association, to name a few. Origin Fitness strives to provide our customers with all kinds of functional training rigs. Buy Kustom Kit Gym equipment online and upgrade your home training equipment from our large online selection on eBay. Get access to a wide range of bespoke fitness equipment from the world’s best manufacturers and buy it online for a fraction of the cost. 

CrossFit Clitheroe describes itself as a “high energy, no nonsense facility” and is one of the most popular fitness facilities in the UK with over 2,000 members and over 1,500 athletes. 

This existing reputation, combined with the ability to attract new members and expand their community, makes CrossFit Clitheroe one of the most popular fitness facilities in the UK. With over 2,000 members, over 1,500 athletes and a strong community, for some reason we don’t need to add to our list of the best Crossfit gyms in the UK. By granting universal access to the facility, they have bought into the spirit of their city and justify their place on the list. Here is a fantastic Cross Fit garage studio that motivates you to build your own crossFit fitness oasis. 

Strong CrossFit Rigs – What makes the best material for Crossfit Rigs?

Although steel tends to be the most used material in Crossfit Rigs Aluminium is also being widely used. The benefit of Aluminum in the rig construction comes from its light weight properties.

RIGs have a long and successful history as one of the most popular CrossFit gyms in the UK with over 2,000 members and over 1,500 athletes. 

This rower will ultimately want to add to your garage gym while you progress through CrossFit. The combination of strength training and cardio makes this equipment the perfect complement for any crossfit gym. This is a great fit for powerlifting and is cut from the same fabric as Cross Fit, but with a much lighter weight and more flexible design. It is one of the most versatile and shake what you ultimately wanted to incorporate in the garage gyms as a step forward in crossFit! 

CrossFit’s Boudica has the ability to reach the highest level of strength training in the UK with a range of different weights. CrossFit partners who want to make a statement and be the biggest and best CrossFit gym, here is the GymRatZ Cross Fit Beast Rig. 

The CrossFit Liverpool city centre facility is ideal for competitive athletes and people who want to take their next big step in strength training. Thriving offers a range of different weights and a variety of strength and conditioning exercises as well as cardio and cardio equipment. 

If you want to try CrossFit, you should think about it, but before you embark on a Crossfit session, make sure you have chosen the right gym for your needs, fitness level and fitness goals. Here is a fantastic Cross Fit garage gym that motivates you to build your own Cross Fit gym oasis. So if you want to know where the best CrossFit gyms in the UK are, which CrossFIT gym is right for you and how to make sure you get the most out of your introduction to this amazing sport and community? 

CrossFit Rig Brands UK

The CrossFit Rig is perhaps the most important piece of equipment in a box. The rig should be built properly to ensure it protects athletes from injury and maintains the right height for jumping rope and lifting safely. The best CrossFit Rig Brands in the UK are all here, helping you choose the rig that is perfect for you.

CrossFit is a new concept in fitness. In it’s most basic form you could say it is a type of functional training, but it is so much more than that. It’s about pushing yourself and your body to its limits whilst having fun doing so. It has become an INCREDIBLY popular sport and there are people practicing CrossFit all over the world. So who makes the best rigs for these CrossFitters?

GymGear Spartan CrossFit Rigs

GymGear Spartan CrossFit Rigs has been manufacturing, designing and building innovative fitness equipment for over 30 years. All fitness gear is designed to meet demanding industry standards and made from the highest quality materials. GymGear are committed to providing you with the very best in strength training equipment for your gym.

The Rep Fitness equipment package is ideal for you to start your garage fitness, if you want to do cross training at home. 

This multifunctional machine is easy to assemble and transport and features equipment that rivals most professional gyms in at least its versatility. If strength training is your thing and you want to build more muscles, you can avoid constructions that include cable tractors or lifting benches. If you are more functional, however, a Crossfit training machine would be your best choice.

Still, some people may choose to install their own CrossFit gear for several reasons. To make sure you are not making a rash decision, we have looked at the 50 best Crossfit gyms in the UK to make sure you find the best providers in your area that suit your fitness goals. We offer a wide range of cross fit equipment to help you achieve the highest quality fitness results. 

These small yet perfectly sized family businesses are a must when you’re compiling a list of the best CrossFit fitness rigs in the UK for your family. 

Indeed, it was the popularity of the CrossFit Cheltenham team that drew our attention to the reputation of the facility and cemented its place in our list of the best CrossFit fitness equipment in the UK. Founded in 2011, Cross Fit Cardiff is now one of the UK’s leading cross-fitness centres and a key factor in its inclusion in the list of the best-equipped CrossFit gyms in the UK. Royal Dick’s Fitness, which was not on our list of the best cross-fit gyms in the UK, is home to the world’s best team of trainers and fitness experts in Scotland. One of their greatest strengths is their facilities and expert teams, and they are also home to some of Scotland’s most talented coaches and instructors. 

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