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Argos Multi Gyms through the ages

We look back at the range of Multi Gyms that Argos have produced or sold over the years in the magic book of dreams. Most peoples first ever home Multi gym Came from Argos and looking through the catalogues is clear to see why this is.

Are you looking for a good value multi gym? If so, Argos is probably the go to place for most people. The retailer has been in the game long enough to have a decent selection and some decent reviews. But what has bearing on the value of your product is what it offers. That’s where our memory jogger comes in as we look back at the history of multi gyms sold by Argos over the years.

Remember how Argos was the go to place for most people looking for a good value multi gym? In the 90s the British high street retailer was a staple of every community, with its big yellow stores dotted all over the country. Then came the millennium and competition from internet retailers bringing bargains (sometimes fake bargains but still) from China started to cut into their business.

Take a look at the list of Non Argos Multi Gyms Below

Argos have been selling gym equipment for home gyms for years, We have looked at the passed multi gyms in the Argos Catalogues.

Take a look at the brands of Argos Multi Gyms in past catalogues.

Over the last thirty years, Argos has sold a variety of cheap and cheerful multi gyms for sale. Some were good, some were good value for money, while some were downright hideous and really designed to make you look like a tit in the gym. So without further ado, here’s our Top 10 Argos Multi Gym reviews of all time!

Argos Exercise Equipment UK

Across the UK, people go to Argos for their exercise equipment. From the latest York Dumbbells to Multi Gyms and home cardio, Argos has it all with top brands like York Fitness, Optimum Nutrition, Bodycraft, FreeMotion and more. Each of these manufacturers makes affordable exercise equipment that will help you strength train in the comfort of your own home with everything from resistance bands to step trainers with stepping areas up to 43 inches.

For anyone looking to get in shape, Argos is the place to find the exercise equipment UK that you need. From cheap treadmills, stationary bikes and cross trainers to fitness machines, benches and weights for toning, you’ll find the perfect range of exercise equipment for sale at Argos.

If you have been looking to buy a great piece of home exercise equipment, then Argos has everything you need. Argos sells a massive range of exercise equipment for your home from bikes to treadmills and much more, so if you want to get fit or improve your fitness at home Argos is the place to go!!

Argos is the largest seller of exercise equipment in the UK. The range of exercise equipment for home gyms is the best and allows customers to compare prices and select high quality, versatile and affordable equipment which can improve their lifestyle.

There’s never been a better time to get fit and healthy thanks to the huge range of affordable exercise equipment at Argos. From dumbbells and rowing machines to Branx treadmills and cross trainers, we’ve got all bases covered.

Argos, a company based in the UK, is a chain of stores where you can also buy Argos gym equipment. This fitness chain has been operating since 1946 and currently has 51 stores (2021). It is easy to choose which one to go to as they are located all over the areas they serve. So if you live in northern England or southern Wales, there is nothing for you to worry about as you can easily access those retailers near your place.

Argos Multi Gym Review

We find it hard to review a whole range of Multi Gyms and this is where we are with reviewing Argos Multi Gyms. We have known Argos multi gyms throughout the ages, one thing that comes to mind when we think of Argos multi gyms its budget. Budget in terms of the specs of the Argos multi gyms, as well as budget in price.

Budget is a term that comes to mind when we think of Argos multi gyms and still one of the most in demand budget multi gyms for a home these days are the Argos multi gyms. Choosing a budget multi gym used to be easy to do, often times you would pick up a low quality product just because it was cheap.

A lot of the Argos multi gyms are fantastic, and some will not meet your requirements. This is where we have spent time testing out all the Argos multi gyms that are currently available. We will keep updating this Argos multi gym review as we test more Argos multi gyms.

There was a time when Argos cheap multi gyms were primarily used to support somebody on their journey to achieving their body, but now they have come a long way. They have gained in popularity and can easily be bought for home use (or even commercial use).

Over the years brands at Argos have come and gone, they used to sell Maximuscle Multi Gyms & Equipment, then Donnay, then USA Sport, Men’s Health Multi Gyms and so on. The one thing that stays the same is they are great entry level options for anyone looking for home exercise equipment in the UK.

To start off with the Argos Multi Gym has recently been revamped as well as the price has reduced just in time for Christmas. As always, we have done our research and have listed the main features and added a spec comparison table for your convenience. We know how hard it is to compare 2 multi gyms at times so hopefully this will help. Hope we review Argos Multi Gyms better in the future, but for now here is our Argos Multi Gym Review.

So it is fair to say Argos multi gyms are the most affordable you will find in the market right now. We have already reviewed the Argos Upright exercise bike and found that this had a lot of features for its price point, so we thought we would look at an Argos multi gym next.

Argos Dip Station

As an addition to a Argos multi gym, you may want to add a dip station to your home gym set up. The Argos dip station range offers two great barbells for either slanted or horizontal dips.

Are you looking to buy Argos dip station? Well, you’re not alone. The dedicated professionals at Argos have designed a quality machine which will assist you in building chest, shoulders, triceps and abdominal muscles.

Many people think that when they buy a cheap piece of gym equipment, the quality is going to be low. This may be true in some scenarios, but when looking for a dip station or multi gym you can find cheap but good quality items.

Dips are an amazing exercise that help to strengthen the chest, forearms and abs. A typical dip station means that your body is usually supported by the ground. This can be great for strength training as you’re less likely to fail when your muscles are supported.

Argos Pro Fitness Dip Station

With so many home gyms and workout stations available today, you could end up spending your entire time choosing the ideal one that will suit your needs. The Argos Pro Fitness Dip Station range is one of the best value for money products in this category. So which Argos Home Gym should you choose?

Dipping is a great exercise that when performed regularly can provide a great cardio workout. While it is a great exercise, not many people have a dip station installed at home to perform dips. In this post, we’re going to look at the Argos Pro Fitness Dip Station range and how they compare to other dip stations in the UK.

Many home gyms have a dipping station included. There are many dips stations available on their own that you can buy, or you can add them to your set up without any problem. Dips are an excellent exercise for developing your triceps and chest muscles. This article focuses on the Argos Pro Fitness Dip Station which is a lighter but still very effective dip station. The Argos Dip Station is a more budget version than a Mirafit UK option, you can get dip station additions to the Mirafit Dip Station.

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