Get the best deals going on a high grade cheap smoothie maker, now there is no need to pay high street prices for a good smoothie, with smoothie makers such as the Nutribullet, Magic bullet and many more home smoothie makers. We have sourced the best deals on home smoothie makers, making getting your five a day easier than ever before. I personally have a Nutribullet and I have a shake in the morning that contains 6 of my 5 a day and drink the smoothie on the way to work, meaning that even if I don’t have any more fruit or veg that day (doubtfull!) I will have had the daily suggested amount.

Smoothie maker deals

Home smoothie makers can be costly, some such as the nutribullet can cost over £100 each, but we have found the best deals for you, from the £19.99 value smoothie maker options right up to the best possible deal on a premium smoothie maker.

You can get a cheap smoothie maker in Tesco, a cheap smoothie maker in Asda etc but we try and beat the supermarkets on deals for smoothie makers.